Two Month Triathlon | Recovery & Reflection.


I’ve been a little quiet on the triathlon front since my injury, but I’m here again today to talk about my progress over the past couple of weeks.

 As you’ll have read I recently sustained a pretty bad foot injury which isn’t fully healed yet, and I set it off again the other day by falling over, and again when a man rammed me in the foot with a pram on Sunday.
Because of that I’ve felt a bit lacking in the motivation department and I’ve seen my progress quite noticeably stunted in the past few weeks. I’ve improved my distance to around 5km per run every other day, and I managed 6k last Sunday, but I’m way behind schedule and I’m much slower than I was, which I’m not as bothered about. I had planned on being at around 8km now, and spending time cobbling the activities together next week.

Swimming and cycling again haven’t proven a problem but since I’m past the half way point and I’m sometimes struggling to break half of the run I’m beginning to worry I might not complete the triathlon on time. I understand the importance of making a full recovery before something so physical, but I don’t want something so small to spoil everything.

 Weight wise I’ve shaved off another few lbs which is finally visibly apparent, and I have noticed how it’s affected my stamina on runs. This has likely been more down to diet management than exercise as I haven’t been able to manage much exertion since the injury. I’m now moving on to nutrient-rich smoothies as an afternoon snack which boosts my energy before a post-work run without loading me up on bloaty calories. It’s been a revelation! My post-workout snack has been switched to a “raw ball” instead of fruit bars etc too which seems to help despite me not knowing the science behind it. Check it out and come back next week for my recipe, which is just about the same as everyone else’s.

 I’m pleased to say that this week I’m starting to feel capable again and I’m aiming for a minimum of 8km on a run this weekend.

 As I’d hoped, it’s not just my physical ability that’s benefited from this challenge. I’ve learned quite a lot about myself and I’ve been on that old cliché of an emotional rollercoaster over the past few weeks. I’ve learned that my brain is stronger than my body, and if I really want something I can push through the pain. I’ve also learned that if I do something with the wrong mindset, I’ve failed myself from the start. The days I’ve gone out thinking “I can’t do this”… I couldn’t do it. The days I’ve gone out knowing I can smash 5k are the days I’ve done it with bells on. For me, attitude is 90% of the battle which is a wonderful feeling.

It’s just a shame it took injury for me to realise my success lies in believing I can do it.

Come back next week to see if I managed 8k – plus I’ll be including a peek at my running playlist, which I attribute much of my success to.

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