Wardrobe Rehab | The Purge


A few weeks ago I almost broke my foot whilst I was building a dressing room in the spare bedroom in our house. It’s been a labour of love which has literally cost me blood, sweat and tears – and hours in A&E. Today I’m here to share a couple of tips for how I purged my wardrobe and condensed everything I own, whilst simultaneously making a lovely, relaxing space to get dressed each morning.

This will be part of a multi-post piece and the first bit is about purging your wardrobe. Ready?

My first tip is to get everything tidy – this is a messy business but it helps to have some sort of order. Clear a space big enough to have 2 “piles” – a yes and a no pile.
That leads me neatly to my 2nd tip, do not have a maybe pile. Why bother? It’s just giving yourself an excuse to keep things you don’t need or want. If you’re not sure about something, then you don’t really need/love it and it’s got to go. I make the exception to this rule in the case of things that can be restyled. If they haven’t been restyled within 2 months, then they go. I know its harsh, but you’ll be shocked how liberating it feels to ditch stuff.

Tip 3 is Try everything on. Even if you think you know it fits, try it on and make sure it fits well, sits well and is in a good state of repair. If it doesn’t do all of these things and can’t be repaired or restyled, it’s got to go. My first port of call is always to try giving it to a friend, that way you can borrow it back if you really need it 😉 At this point, you should now have whittled down a fair amount of dead weight. Onward!

Ditch all of your duplicates. Who really needs 2 pairs of black skinny jeans? Is it necessary to stockpile white v-neck tshirts? If you have 2 of an item, get rid of one. The exception is obviously underwear – and this is just as good a time as any to sort out that lingerie drawer too. Goodbye, odd socks and old undies. Anything with a faded label, frayed elastic, ripped lace, missing underwires, faded colours or a reputation for being uncomfortable etc is taking up space you just ain’t got. Make a note of any essentials you ditch because you’ll need to replace them – I’m talking strapless and tshirt bras, spanx etc.

Do the same with accessories – check all your costume jewellery – anything faded or shabby has to go, along with cracked belts, plucked scarves and rings with missing gems. It sometimes feels meaner ditching jewellery but if you’re not wearing it then it’s wasting space. If its in good enough condition to sell, then bung it on eBay or Depop. Otherwise just consider it a good lesson in investments for next time you fancy spending £15 on a topshop bangle. Do the same with handbags (I don’t because I only have 2).
I find the key to happy wardrobe-ing is to ensure it’s visually pleasing. There are loads of ways of doing this, but my preferred style is to sort my items by colour, and/or sort the colour sections by length. You can see in my snap above that its not quite finished but the look of a colour-coded wardrobe is overall very pleasing.This helps with coordinating and with dressing for the right weather. Keep “bitty” items like underwear and belts out-of-view in pretty boxes or drawers, space your items out and if you can, have matching hangers.

You’ll find that at first you feel panic – you have just thrown out a whole heap of things you think you rely on to get dressed – but remember you’ve only purged what you don’t wear, can’t wear or shouldn’t wear. It’s been hard work and you deserve a treat.

So, stay tuned for part 2 where I’ll talk about replenishing your wardrobe with pieces that work without overcrowding it again!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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