A Little Fashion Wishlist.

Why does it always seem that when you have other things to spend your money on, all you want is new stuff?

Since I’m trying to conserve dinero for our upcoming roadtrip I’m naturally finding beautiful items left, right and centre. To quell the longing I thought I’d share a mini wishlist for all the items I wish I could take on holiday with me.



Bardot top | Tortoiseshell glasses | Matt & Nat Parabole satchel | ORLY lacquer | Daniel Wellington watch | Collectif Cigarette trousers.

I actually cheated a little bit on this list because that’s how lists work. Everyone knows you start a “to-do” with a few things you’ve already done, so I’ve started my wishlist with a few things I’ve already had granted.

On Saturday my gorgeous new Matt & Nat bag arrived and in the few short days since, I’ve fallen in love with it.
I’ve considered placing the Collectif order for the Bonnie trousers which are currently just £15 and I’ve got a few sample pairs of Tortoiseshell glasses from Specspost to check out shapes in the next few days.
I’ve seen a bardot top in Primark of all places at a super reasonable £3.50 so I’m working up the courage to visit Manchester city centre. Eek.

The Daniel Wellington watch is something I’ve had my eye on for a while, but as everyone who knows me is aware, I can’t be trusted with watches unless they’re waterproof to at least a million fathoms below, shatter resistant and loss-proof.

That just leaves the ORLY lacquer – I’m not even bothered if its ORLY I just want something super shiny, very dark red and of course Cruelty Free.

Actually, this wishlist doesn’t seem un-achievable after all.
What are you lusting after at the mo’?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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