Are Homebirds the New Party Animals?

lazy days

I’ve not really been one for wild nights out and lavish meals since I was old enough to order myself a glass of wine, but I always assumed that I was just old-at-heart (and a little bit stingy with my money). It was rather a nice revelation when I read a recent study about how we’re spending our time and money at My Coffee Break. The study was done by My Voucher Codes and suggests that loads of people prefer to make their own fun at home rather than splashing out on nights out, cinema trips and spa days to name a few activities. The money saving feels great, but that’s not all…

I wasn’t surprised to learn that over 42% of women prefer to invest in a box-set than go on a cinema visit – and with Netflix, Lovefilm and Amazon Prime being so easily accessible at such competitive rates, who can blame them?
In the past month I’ve been watching the whole catalogue of House episodes on Netflix which has easily saved me a few hundred quid at weekends – I haven’t been tempted to hit the shops just to stay entertained, and I don’t understand the medical jargon if I watch it whilst having a drink, so it’s helped my bottom line and my waistline too. Win, win, win.

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But what of more high-end entertainment? Well, apparently less than 8% of women consider a spa day a super relaxing experience, whilst almost 30% love a nice long soak at home – and I have to confess I’m firmly in the bubble bath camp too! There’s no worrying about whether your feet are gross, or if you’re about to start snoring, plus bathtime is much easier on the bank balance! I’m a nervous spa visitor, I never know what to say to the therapists and always seem to get that ugly, croaky voice. That doesn’t matter when you’re in your own bath, thank goodness, plus you don’t have to book a bath weeks in advance!

Despite what you might have seen on Twitter after Christmas, gym membership is also on the decline – with way more people favouring walking with family and pets, cycling or running than hitting the gym to unwind. It’s nice to see we’re becoming a social community again, huh? As someone who has always felt a bit anxious at the gym I’m glad to see more people running on the street! It gives me something to compete with…

I was also thrilled to see that family values are topping peoples list of priorities again too – with over 35% of Women and almost a quarter of Men admitting that they prefer spending quality time with family, friends and pets to nights out. I have to say I agree – most of my nights with the girls happen around our dining room tables with board games and nibbles, family time is spent actually catching up, and the dog is pretty much consistently the center of attention. Just the way he likes it.

What do you make of the study?
Do you prefer the more cost-effective ways of relaxing?

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