Easy, Breezy. | Minimal Effort Spring Style Shopping.

I’ve never been a girl who has that effortless style down to a tee. A capsule wardrobe for me involves as many different patterns, colours and textures as my eyes can handle, thrown haphazardly around my dressing room floor, matching nothing, and often unworn for months.

It was with some degree of difficulty, then, that I began to compose a mix-and-match collection of clothing – if not for life, at least for our upcoming road trip, where space saving and sensible packing is essential.

 As much as I love shopping, I also like my purchases to be hassle free, so I came up with a plan to visit as few shops as possible and pick up a handful of items that can be combined with items most of us already have to enhance the spring/summer factor in my outfits. I actually did pretty well, I visited 2 shops and managed to pick up items that would work together and also withstand a reasonable amount of matching with other, more eclectic, items in my collection.


Channelling Taylor at H&M

In the past year I’ve managed to admit to myself that I actually adore Taylor Swift a little bit. In fact, we’re BFF’s – she just doesn’t know it. In any case, I can never borrow any of her clothes as she’s much slimmer than me, so I made do with recreating one of her looks in H&M for under £50. The Twill shorts are high waist, the pale blue shirt great for keeping cool in the heat – and then those boat shoes are just the ultimate in chic comfort. Throw on the straw hat to inject a bit of cuteness into your sun protection. Garnish with a red lip et voila! NEXT!

Tropical Mashup at New Look.

new look

Alright head into New Look and pick up the ultimate must-have goes-with-everything piece of the summer – the Bardot top. This one is £9.99 and I chose monochrome as it compliments most patterns and colours you might want to pair it with. The skirt just has summer written all over it and can be dressed up with a bralet, blouse or scuba top for a more formal look, or thrown on over a band tee and converse/sandals for a casual day effect. Shoes wise, I went for some platform heels and sandals in white. White goes with everything and shows off your tan. Win win.

Over the trip I’ll be (hopefully) papping some share-able selfies of some of these summer picks so stay tuned on Instagram in the next month to see more.

What are your favourite Spring/Summer additions this year?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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