Exante | Easy, Low-Calorie Meals*


If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know I’ve been on somewhat of a weight loss and healthy lifestyle mission – of late, however, I’ve reached a plateau.
Healthy eating has actually been quite easy for me, but also time consuming. I enjoy freshly cooked meals with heaps of veggies, but for a working girl with a social life it just ain’t practical to cook a full on meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Lucky for me, I was invited to try the Exante eating plan for a couple of days to see how their line of high protein, low-carb meals hold up in the life of a busy lady.

Basically you use Exante sachets as meal replacements – whether that be for just 1 meal, or your entire daily intake. They are calorie controlled and the idea is they support eating with a calorie deficit each day. You burn more than you eat = weight loss.
That works well for me because I am trying to shed the last few lbs, but the meals also come enriched with all the vitamins and minerals you could shake a stick at – so whilst the diet itself shouldn’t be used long-term, using the foods for a quick fix or healthy but speedy meal on the go is a handy possibility and quite sustainable.

I was sent a huge range of milkshakes – from Hazelnut and Vanilla to more obscure (and delicious) Honeycomb and Coconut. I also enjoyed pancakes, breakfast eggs (seriously, I love eggs like I can’t even describe), Shepherds Pie, Thai Chicken Soup and Ham & Mushroom pasta. I was a little dubious at first I must admit, but the meals are actually super filling and very handy for someone on a schedule!

My particular favourites were the Hazelnut milkshake and the Eggs (eggs! I love you!)

To really test them, I took a few typical work days where I’m normally in a crazy rush and make breakfast and lunch with Exante products. Day 1 I enjoyed breakfast eggs with a few added veggies for colour, then for lunch I scoffed the Thai Chicken Soup which was lovely and (sadly) not too spicy – it would suit most tastes and was very fragrant. I brought along an emergency milkshake in case I got peckish, but I didn’t need it.

Day 2 I whipped up some blueberry pancakes before work in a jiffy, and then lunched on the Ham and Mushroom pasta – again a total success! Since it was a workout day I also enjoyed a vanilla milkshake in the afternoon, which was very welcome as I’d had a bit of a sweet craving which was quelled nicely – I also had loads of energy for my run after work.

I’ve enjoyed the other products here and there for meal replacements, when I’ve either been too busy to cook or just not in the mood for something complex, and I’ve honestly rather enjoyed the experience – and dropped a couple of extra lbs in the bargain (cheer!). I’ve also stashed a few milkshakes in my desk drawer for emergencies.

In short, I think the Exante products are actually a great little supplement to a busy lifestyle – the taste takes a little adjusting to, as with any meals prepared with protein powder, but they aren’t unpleasant – and the variety is absolutely brilliant. If I had heard about the plan earlier in my diet I think I’d have been tempted to run the full course.

What do you think?
Would you be tempted to give these saucy little sachets a go?
If you do, check out the special voucher codes to get an extra discount on your goodies!



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