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I know I’ve been very discreet about our upcoming road trip. In fact I’ve hardly mentioned it, however I thought today it might be useful to post my tips for packing a realistic but sensible amount of luggage for a multi-stop trip.

Our holiday is going to take us through 20 days and 8 locations with similar climates but very different experiences. We’ve had to work on finding a happy medium between having enough clothing to tide us over and saving enough space to ensure being on the go isn’t a total pain.

We think we’ve cracked it.


So here you can see everything I’m packing (except for knickers, because lets assume that’s obvious).
I have the super versatile denim shorts, some jersey pinup shorts, a pencil skirt, 2 dresses, 7 tops (1 isn’t pictured), a 2 cardigans. There are 2 pairs of shoes (converse and some wedges) and flip flops. I have 2 swimming costumes and a towel, washbag, straighteners, sunglasses and sunscreen.

The key has been to have a very basic colour palette with items that mix-and-match well. The bottoms are all neutral enough to work with all colours, and the tops are a mix of graphic tees, vests and semi-formal tops which can be combined for warmer/cooler days. From the above I can make at least 26 different looks, perhaps more.

Materials have been important too – it’s going to be very hot but potentially quite humid, so cotton is obviously preferable, but roll-friendly garments are a bag packer’s dream, so I tried to opt for a mixture of floaty, cotton items and easy-pack jersey pieces that can be packed up tight without creasing massively. I’ve then filled in the gaps with shoes and other bits and bobs, and created a padded lid with a towel.

Obviously I have make up too, so lets have a peek at that very basic bag of tricks:


Nars Sheer Glow in Monthblanc, Barry M Showgirl Mascara, Barry M eyebrow kit, NARS blush and Nanshy brush set.
Bobby pins, hair ties and mini hair spray.

That’s it. It took me about 15 minutes to prepare and pack my suitcase, and about 3 weeks to actually figure out a good mix-and-match collection that would work well on the road.

Do you have any handy packing tips?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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