Great Cruelty Free Suncare Products| UK

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With summer just round the corner and the weather hotting up, everybody in their right mind should be thinking about summer skincare and protecting yourself from those damaging UV rays.
When I first took my Cruelty Free vow, I found it really hard to find non-tested sun-care, but now I’m educated and experienced. Today I’m sharing some easy-to-access Cruelty Free sun lotions which are readily available in the UK. They are mostly cheaper than their animal-testing counterparts too, and at least as effective (if not more effective).

1. Solait from Superdrug. 
This is the first CF sun product I ever used knowingly and I was very impressed. The range is extensive and covers lip balm, baby, spray, oil and aftersun to name a few. They range from factor 5 right up to factor 50 so cover pretty much every base you could hope for. I personally prefer the pump-top spray as its a good size bottle for throwing into your handbag.
The range is often on promotion, so whilst its about £8 a bottle (still cheaper than Garnier) you can often pick them up at 1/2 price or 2 for 1. Bonus!

2. Soleil from Tesco.*
I know, these 2 sound similar so it’s easy to get mixed up. Tesco’s suncare range is very affordable but more restricted than the Superdrug one. They run from 5-50 too, but with less choice between spray, oil, lotion etc. Prices range from £3-4 depending on factor. Their bottles don’t display the leaping bunny, but I assure you I’ve triple checked with Tesco and they are not tested on animals.

3. Karanja Sunshield from Molton Brown.
As you might have guessed, this is a slightly more pricey suncare product, but it is very good. As far as I’m aware its available in SPF30 only, and although it’s not highly available at Molton Brown stores, it is still on sale in their outlets and is well worth the journey. They will have similar products this year I suspect.
This is a really lovely thick cream and it smells beautiful, not chemical-ish like normal sunscreen. It’s got the same luxurious texture as a regular Molton Brown face cream, and I actually use it as my normal moisturiser anyway – or I did until it was discontinued.

There you have it. I tend to steer toward Superdrug because it’s easily accessible, cheap and good quality. Many other Supermarket own-brand labels are cruelty free too – specifically M&S, Sainsburys and Waitrose, which are all branded with the Bunny. Depending on your views of what constitutes a Cruelty Free purchase, there are dozens of other brands, however they’re either pricey, hard to obtain or both.

So, happy sunshine everybody – go forth and frolic knowing that no animals were harmed in the protecting of your skin!

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*Note – I know there are discussions about Tesco and their true CF status but I have done reading and research and personally, what I’ve found is good enough for me to use their products. Obviously your opinion may differ, so I’d urge you to look into it yourself before purchasing if you’re not sure.


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