Selma | A Short, Important Visit.


In 1965 Martin Luther King led a march from Montgomery to Selma, Alabama. The protest march followed difficulties faced by black people in the Southern States who, despite the Voting Rights Act in 1964, were still finding it impossible to vote.

While Selma might be otherwise insignificant in the grand scheme, from a Civil Rights point of view it’s potentially one of the most important spots in the history of the movement. There and the Lorraine Motel. Today our road trip is taking us away from Martin Luther King’s assassination site and down South East to Edmund Pettus Bridge.

It’s a trip I expect to be humbling and educational.
I’ll be sharing more about the Civil Rights points on our Road Trip when I’m home, but for now why not read up on the Selma march, or even just watch the film which came out last year.


Ps I’ll be running the Great Manchester 10k on May 11th in aid of The Wood Street Mission. They are a Manchester charity dedicated to supporting local families living in poverty. All of your support is massively appreciated by me and of course the 14,000 children affected by poverty in Manchester. If you’d like to contribute you can sponsor me here:


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