Snack Happy | 5 Healthy Nibbles for Busy People

Healthy Snacks for Busy People

know it’s easier to grab a marsbar/bag of crisps/third latte than it feels to have a home made fruit salad or carrot/hummus combo on hand every day, but in the past few months I’ve become amazingly adept at having an emergency healthy snack kit with me for most outings.
I haven’t eaten an impromptu chip butty, bag of crisps or chocolate bar for months and I thought as a celebration I would share my top 5 healthy snacks and when I eat them. Tastebuds ready?

1. Buttered Banana.
Nut butter, of course. This is my favourite mid-morning snack because its loaded with slow release energy from the nut butter (I favour peanut but Cashew is nice) and the banana gives a quick sugar boost if you’re already feeling a slump. I literally peel a banana, slice it lengthways and spread on the nut butter. Sandwich it back together, et voila. This isn’t very practical if you’re on the go, I know. If that’s you then let’s head to #2

2. Raw Balls.
I prefer coconut ones made with cocoa powder and dates – they’re sweet and effective without being too sickly. When I’m out for a whole day I’ll wrap 2 in foil and keep them in my bag – they do go a little gooey, but that just makes them feel like fudge. I make my own and you can follow my recipe here.  

3. Cheat’s Chocolate Pudding. 
If you love avocado and what it does for you, but haven’t got time to start dissecting a stoned fruit, then this little hack will hopefully be a nice surprise for you. When blended with a blob of yogurt, tsp honey and tbsp cocoa powder it makes a deliciously creamy mousse/pudding substitute. It’s more substantial than your off-the-shelf dessert, conquers chocolate cravings and is the absolute best for your heart.

4. New Age Ants on a Log.
Apparently Ants on a Log are a much loved USA snack, and despite me hating celery, it turns out to be a pretty good hunger buster. I do change it around a fair bit, though. My ‘ants’ can be the traditional raisins, or cranberries, nuts or even chocolate chips. The log switches between celery, apple and carrot. The nut butter is always cashew, because yum. These are a minor faff to throw together, but with a bit of practise you can have an ant-on-log kit on standby for most craving situations.

5. Frozen Grapes. 
Half of the time when I want to snack, I’m not hungry I’m just… bored. I tend to nibble on frozen grapes when I feel like this might be the case since a) they’re too cold to eat quickly and b) they are pretty healthy. Most people think I’m crazy until they try it, then I catch them taking their grapes out of the freezer, so you tell me who’s crazy.

Anyway, those are my top 5 snacks for busy people! Even with the most complex of these (the ants on a log and chocolate pudding) I can have them whipped up in under 5 minutes before I leave for work, so I rarely have an excuse not to eat well on the daily.

What are your favourite healthy and quick snacks?



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