Little Big Haul | £500+ Worth of Fashion for Under £40.

If you know where to look, there is absolutely no reason you can’t get some incredible fashion (that’s good quality) for a mind-blowing price. This weekend I was lucky enough to do just that and I couldn’t resist sharing some of my buys with you!

A friend and I headed down to the Littlewoods Clearance Warehouse Sale on Saturday morning (it was running all weekend) and got stuck in to a whole range of branded beauties which had been heavily reduced for various reasons, and I’d set myself a mental budget of £50 in the hope of coming away with a nice dress. I had not intended to come away with quite so much loot. Everything there was surplus stock from Very and Littlewoods… so you know it’s good!

Shall we just get right into it?

This River Island Floral Kimono jacket had originally been £45, however it had been reduced way down to £8. I couldn’t resist picking it up, despite it being 2 sizes too big for me. It’s actually nicer like that – flowing and floaty for summer! I’ve been desperate to wear it all weekend, but the weather had other ideas…

A little more weather appropriate, I picked up this Fearne Cotton tartan blazer/coat for just £5. It was originally sold at £97 so that’s a pretty hefty discount. It’s definitely £97 worth of quality, too, so I can expect it’ll last for ages! I’ve worn this all weekend. Thank you, May chills!

This Rochelle Humes frill hem dress is absolutely not my style but it was so pretty I couldn’t leave it behind. I’ve been wanting to try out some more colourful looks this summer, and this seemed like a nice option to start with. We have a wedding to attend in July so I’ll be keeping the dress aside until then. I’m just unsure what kind of shoes it would go well with. Suggestions?

This Oasis blue rose jumper caught my eye almost immediately as I walked in. It’s a crisp white with lovely blue flowers, and a dainty little zip back to the neck (which you can’t see!). I can’t remember what I paid, but it was under £10. It’s very slightly cropped, which isn’t usually my style, but with high waisted trousers or a skirt it looks quite cute. It’s also really lightweight so perfect for these warm days with cool breezes we’ve been having (sporadically).

Last but absolutely not least is this amazingly spangly festive biker cardigan which was LESS THAN £2. I couldn’t even believe it. This is from a new-ish Very/Littlewoods brand called Definitions and it’s such a lovely thick material it’s actually super flattering, and has a quirky side zip which adds a bit of edge. I know it’s not season-appropriate but for under £2 I had to bag it to put away for Christmas.

So, there’s my little big haul – the whole bill came in at around £37 which is just ridiculously good value for money. If you missed out on the warehouse clearance then don’t be gutted. You can check out a load of their stuff online here without going anywhere!

What’s the best fashion bargain you’ve ever got?

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