3 European Short Breaks to take in Summer 2015

The short break abroad is an increasingly popular option for adventurous travellers with limited time. We all have jobs, and money doesn’t grow on trees – so the prospect of fitting in several shorter holidays per year is understandably appealing.

With the popularity of budget airlines soaring, it’s little wonder that many people prefer to take 3 or 4 shorter holidays each year – myself included (despite having just come back from an incredible 3-week roadtrip).  But what do you do when you’ve been to all the Ryanair destinations?

Today I’m sharing 3 great places to take a short break this summer – they might take a bit more effort to get to, but you’ll be glad you tried!

1. Mont St Michel, Normandy. France. 

Mont St Michel Short Break Ideas Summer 2015

I visited this remote island commune in Normany when I was about 15 and was astonished by its charm. Essentially the streets embodied precisely what I had imagined Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley to look like, and the island itself was a happy cocktail of bustling culture and blissful tranquility.
Access is tidal, so there is always a lazy sense of mischief when visiting – do you elect to get trapped by the tide? Decide for yourself.
Seeped in History, it’s the ideal place to spend a day getting lost in learning.
Just 90 minutes drive from Dinard airport means that it’s super accessible – you just have to want it.

2. Susten, Swiss Alps.

Susten Swiss Alps Short Break Ideas Summer 2015

Oh I love being in the mountains. There’s something about seeing proof of our fantastic Earth raised up all around me that feels comforting in a deeply naturalistic sense.  Susten in the Swiss Alps was easily one of the most beautiful European places I have ever visited. Unassuming and humble, the peaks and valleys whisper silence all over the land. My favourite thing is that it feels like you can see every star in the Universe at night.
Around 100 miles from Geneva airport, it might seem like quite a journey. However, it will be one of the most beautiful drives you have ever enjoyed.

3. Lake Garda, Verona. Italy. 

Lake Garda Italy 3 Great Short Breaks
Lake Garda is the first place I ever saw Fireflies. That was a big deal for me, because I was 8 and I didn’t realise insects could be so beautiful.
We spent 4 days there, smelling the flowers and watching the world float by. I learned to play brag and tried anchovies for the first time, and they were gross.
Nevertheless Lake Garda is a wonderful place to try out Italy if you’re not interested in the bustle of Rome or Venice.
Verona airport is about 10 miles away and is easily reachable through summer months with loads of airlines for reasonable prices.

Do you have any favourite short break destinations? Be sure to share them – I love a bit of wanderlust!



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