Prep Your Home for Summer with 5 Cheap Tweaks


Say what you want about the UK, but there is something very satisfying about having very clear seasons throughout the year. Spring floats breezily into summer, which melts down into a crisp autumn, then Winter steamrolls in before succumbing to the spring again. Repeat as needed. One of the frustrating things about the stereotypical seasons is that your mood and tastes can change dramatically within a 12 month cycle – and it’s not exactly cost effective to redecorate every season to accommodate those changing tastes. That’s why I’m sharing a few tips to prep your home for summer! These are quick and inexpensive tweaks you can make in less than a day to give your home an airier summertime vibe.

1. Introduce Colourful Flowers/Plants

Summer Home Ideas

Now depending on your taste, these can be fresh or faux. I like wildflowers lots this season, so I’ve been cheekily picking the odd bunch from the park bushes at the end of runs – particularly lilac and yellow flowers, which have a lovely pop.  I display  them into clean jam jars all over the house and it gives a really lovely outside-in feeling. If you pick clever you can use this method to fill your home with the scents of summertime blossom too (I don’t, I just choose beautiful weeds).

I also like to have potted plants just about everywhere, but that all depends on your ability to keep them alive! If you need a few pointers, check out my Plant Killers Guide to Not Killing Plants here.  I like to keep lavender, rosemary and other sweet scented herbs but I’ll be posting more about that soon.

2. Let In or Cheat Natural Light

Open those curtains! Not that we keep them closed in winter, it’s just nice to have a fresh face full of sunshine throughout the daytime when it’s bright out. Studies show you’re more likely to feel good if you are subjected to sunshine within 20 minutes of getting up, so there’s another good reason to peek at the street!

Similarly, if you have the chance, let in some fresh air. The smells and sounds of outside are a mood boost!

3. Simplify Everything

The pomp and circumstance of festive décor is lovely, by the time summer comes around, you need a rest. Simple geometric patterns or blank, crisp designs work well for me in summer. I tend to switch to plain or light scatter cushions and buy brighter, more vibrant flowers. The most detail in my house over summer is our monochrome Ikea rug, and I like it like that.

Like patterns on fabrics, physical clutter is distracting and makes everything feel stuffy. Decluttering really helps achieve a “fresh” feeling, and its especially nice in Summer. Its the sort of nice that, for me, inspires feelings of creativity. Which in turn creates clutter, which requires decluttering. It’s an ongoing business to remain sane.

4. If in doubt, choose White.
If you’re planning on making an investment on any home accessories, the best advice I ever got is to always choose white. You can accessorise it until the cows come home and make it work for every season with a few tweaks. In summer in particular, white crockery, bedding, throws and accessories feel clean, cool and classy. In winter, they’re snow-tipped and always work as a good backdrop to other colour schemes.

5. Have Ice
Seriously this is such a simple act of self kindness that it often goes unrecognised. Make or buy ice in large quantities, and keep it available at all times. You cannot underestimate the power of a properly cool drink, or the relief that can be achieved from a tiny cube of frozen water. Have ice available at all times, and you can thank me whenever.

Do you have any great tips for getting your home summer ready?



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