Wake Up Wonderful | 6 Ways to Guarantee Better Mornings

Make your Mornings Amazing

Recently someone asked me how I manage to be so enthusiastic and bright-eyed every morning, when I typically get out of bed before 6am – and the truth is I just like to be that way.

It seems that being a “morning person” is synonymous with being incredibly annoying, but actually statistics show I’m far more likely to be successful, happy and healthy than those who prefer to rise a few hours later. Today I want to help you join me in early morning bliss by sharing 6 great ways to guarantee your early mornings are a-ma-zing.
Set your alarms for 5:30 and lets get ready!

1. Stretch. 
Before you even think about getting out of that bed, stretch your arms, legs, back, hands and feet. Rotate your neck, wiggle your fingers and toes. Get your body ready for being upright again. This is especially helpful on those mornings where you want to hit snooze all day.
If you’re really hardcore with this morning lark you can even throw in a little exercise after you get up – I do a 15 minute barre exercise every other morning just to help limber up (read: bring the pain).

2. Get Sunlight. Stat!
I must have mentioned this in millions of posts, but research shows people who get sunlight within the first few minutes after waking get a natural mood boost which can improve their entire day. If your bedroom buddy doesn’t want to wake as early as you then hit the lounge for a dose of early morning Vitamin D. Which leads neatly to #3…

3. Wake up to a Tidy Home. 
Visuals are something we can take for granted but they do have an impact on how well we perform throughout the day. They say creatives are messy (true) because their workspace reflects their mindset. You want to wake up feeling a combination of relaxed, enthused and productive, so your space should reflect that. Walking into a tidy lounge in the morning is lovely, so put in the time before bed to spruce up the area. Besides, you’re a grown up – you should keep things tidy.

4. Have a meaningful breakfast
I don’t mean dunk a couple of bourbons into a tea while you sit bug-eyed trawling through twitter. Have something nutritious with mood and mind boosting properties – like yogurt with almonds and banana, or a green smoothie, or even egg on toast (you’ll have plenty time for cooking!). Also have a glass of cool water to kickstart your metabolism. If you’re not a big morning eater then perhaps nibble a piece of fruit then have something a bit later, but breaking your fast within 20 minutes of waking can have a significant impact on the quality of your day, and if you do it consistently you’ll see what I mean.

5. Do something nice for someone.
Starting the day by doing something nice for another person gives you a little glow of self satisfaction – so whether it’s making everyone breakfast, leaving a sweet note or ironing someone’s work shirt, put in a few minutes. You’ll feel better for doing something kind, and chances are they’ll feel good too, maybe they’ll even pay it forward.

6. Think about the Day Ahead.
This one sounds a bit vague but actually its the ultimate key to setting up a great day. Check your appointment book before you leave home so you remember all the bits you need to take. Remind yourself if you have dinner dates with friends or whether you need to pay a bill at lunchtime – a little bit of prep in a morning gently eases you into the spirit of taking care of business (especially important on a work day!) and reduces potential stress later on when you realise you didn’t remember the important thing.

There are obviously loads of other ways you can have amazing mornings – taking a cold shower, cycling to work, chatting with a friend, walking the dog, finding a winning lottery ticket – but above are some tips that everyone can put into action to start enjoying mornings a bit more.

Are you a morning person?



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