Summer Wedding Outfit Inspiration | Citrus Pop

In a couple of weeks Mr K and I will be attending a pretty big wedding – I don’t often attend them, and even less often do we get invited to the whole shebang.

As you can imagine I’m in a bit of a frenzy about what to wear. I’ve whittled it down to a choice of a few looks – one of which I’m sharing today. What I need from you beautiful readers is support! Guide me, wise ones, and share your top wedding tips in the comments!

wedding 1

I picked up the Rochelle Humes frill hem dress from the Bargain Crazy warehouse clearance sale a few weeks ago, and I’ve been “saving it for best” since – I’ve put it on almost every morning since I bought it, wondering if I could actually get away with wearing it over converse. Sadly, I’m not as cool as Lily Allen, so back on the hanger it goes every time.

In keeping with my quirky signature style I’m thinking cobalt blue heels, a simple black clutch and a power necklace/statement ring combo.

I do, however, have a few concerns, chief of which is hair. What is an appropriate hairstyle for such an occasion – but one which will compliment such a dress? I have a pretty round face, so up-do styles aren’t very flattering for me on photos. Recommendations?

Also – nails – what colour works?

I used to be so much better than this!

Thanks in advance guys. You’re the best.

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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