How to Sleep Better in Summer

Sleep better in Summer

Even in the UK where the temperature rarely creeps over a reasonable mid-teen it can get sticky and irritating when trying to sleep through warmer months, and there’s nothing less motivating than a poor nights’ sleep.
I have a few tips today for getting a better nights sleep even when it feels like your bedroom has slipped into the bowels of hell at 3am – and you’ll be pleased to know they’re inexpensive and quick.

1. Keep Everything Natural.

I’m talking airflow, lighting and fabric here – the holy trinity. Obviously lights give off heat, so keeping them off wherever possible will help. The same goes for televisions and computers – keep them out of the bedroom!
Fans are handy for cooling a room, but try to use natural ventilation wherever possible – an open window will let in fresh air and limit the amount of dust circling, meaning skin irritations will be less likely.
Finally, choosing natural fabrics for bedlinen and sleepwear is one of the most effective ways to guarantee a peaceful sleep because they let your skin breathe and thus release heat. Any excuse to buy new PJs!

2. Lighten Up

It’s psychological – if your bedroom is decorated or accessorised with light and airy colours, you will feel cooler and more relaxed. Our bedroom is completely neutral on the walls (3 white, one slate grey) and we add seasonal colours with blankets, flowers and cushions. This time I’m going for very pale colours with a citrus pop here and there.

3. Shower Before Bed

This will either sound pointless (you sweat in the night, duh!) or obvious (who gets in bed dirty?) but having a quick shower before bed, on a cool-not-cold setting can reduce your body temperature for long enough to fall asleep. If you’re doing this, don’t wash your hair – drying it will only heat you and the room back up again!

4. Remain Barefoot

Heat escapes your body quickest through your extremities, so keeping your socks off will cool you down really effectively. Plus, it’ll remind you to finally remove that nail polish you applied in 1999 that somehow hasn’t chipped even once.

5. your Bed is your Palace

Turn your bedroom into a serene dreamland – keep it meticulously neat and tidy. Clean often, and invest in a calming but gentle room fragrance (I use a sweet pea fragrance). Make your bed every morning, and change your bedding every couple of days in the warm weather. It’s more hygienic, plus everyone knows you sleep better in clean sheets.
I also like to layer up sheets instead of having a duvet in summer – some nights 1 thin sheet is too much, while other, chillier nights require 3 or 4 layers for comfort.

6If you do Wake up – Walk

Studies show that staying in bed when you’re struggling to sleep just makes drifting off harder. If you’ve been trying for a while, get up and walk around, perhaps get yourself a cool drink or wash your face. When I do this, I make the bed before I go downstairs so getting back in is a fresh start. When you return to bed your body will have cooled and your subconscious will recognise the routine of going to bed, hopefully triggering a better descent into dreamland!

I hope this helps you get off to the land of nod more easily if/when the humidity rises – what are your tips for golden slumbers?



5 thoughts on “How to Sleep Better in Summer

  1. I love your dream catcher and I’m not a fan of them! I have so much trouble getting an sleep at night, well I can get to sleep (sometimes) it’s the staying asleep that gets me the most! And I can’t walk so that’s out of the question! I need to get some lavender scents in my room to try get me to relax and helpfully it works! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I actually made the dream catcher myself last year – I don’t normally like them either but I couldn’t figure out how to do a proper crochet weave type of thing and thats the closest I could get!

      I hope the lavender scents work! I sometimes struggle to stay asleep, I heard liquorice tea helps with feeling more rested. Unfortunately it tastes atrocious!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s so cool! I don’t think I could ever crochet with my toes! I’ve tried sewing and that wasn’t the smartest idea ever!

        I’m not much a tea drinker, or a lover of coffee either! I heard there are some teas that are supposed to help, but I’d rather try my luck with the lavender scents instead! Lol

        Liked by 1 person

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