RV Relaxation | A North Wales Weekend


Last weekend I was working in North Wales for a day, so Mum and I decided to spend a night enjoying the scenic Welsh countryside in the motorhome. I just wanted to share a couple of snaps from our experience at Fron Farm, which was just beautiful.

This won’t be a very wordy post, because God’s own country can speak for itself.


We drove up, up, up through the hills – where sheep sat on streets gnawing at long grass.
By the time we reached Fron Farm it felt like we were at the top of Wales, and I waved down at Tom Jones, Cerys Matthews and Iwan Rheon just in case they were there somewhere.
Fron Farm is a working farm, with chickens, pigs, cows, horses and tons of tractors. We spent the afternoon ambling around, observing the animals and taking a long, hilly stroll until Bob’s little legs would ramble no further.
It was very relaxing indeed.


Bob also highly enjoyed himself as an honorary first lieutenant of the McGee Mobile. He’s got this thing about looking out of windows, and since the RV is basically made of windows, it’s his happy place.

Anyway, if you get chance, go and stay on Fron Farm. It’s really nice.



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