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 Quaint and gothic, Bruges allure is based on spindly, crooked cathedrals and twisted canal-side houses. I’m a sucker for Flemish design and find old cities fascinating – Bruges was given it’s city charter in the early 12th Century, so it’s plenty old for me.

A few other brief jaunts to Belgium have given me a taste for the contrast of the dark, spiralling building exteriors with the crisp, clean interior. I imagine it’s the sort of place that you can’t just stay in a hotel and have taken to browsing Air B&B rentals in Bruge to find the perfect place. I finally settled on The White Rooms which is a rustic restyled guest house available year-round for around €250 per night for up to 4 people. I couldn’t resist including a few snaps.


See, it’s like a postcard already. Check out the interior:




 Bruges is seeped in history – from museums and beautiful relics of churches, on every corner it sounds like there is a lesson to be learned and remains to be beheld, which is basically the definition of my perfect weekend away. Learning, food and old stuff.
In terms of food and drink, Le Trappiste in particular takes my fancy – a specialist bar in a medieval cellar. It looks like a really sexy version of Manchester’s Corbierres. Check Le Trappiste out here.

 le trap

How about museums? Well, Bruges has you covered – Groeningmuseum and Gruuthusemuseum reveal the secrets of Bruges and it’s arts respectively. Days of cultural enrichment  can be concluded civilly with lunch in the market square, or with gentle browsing in the local boutiques.

The Groenerei (the Green canal) flows elegantly through this relic of a destination, so it feels natural that I’d want to hop on a river cruise by day or night to enjoy Bruges’ splendour from the water.
Despite not having planned a trip, my belly rumbles thinking about consuming piles of the “local thing” (Chocolate and beer) and retiring to my deliciously crisp apartment, throwing on the fire and curling up.

Oh, Bruges! I hope I see you soon!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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  1. Your guest house was stunning! I am so jealous. Bruges is on my list! A lovely update.


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