Mini Haul | The £10 Impulse Buys


In the past few months I’ve become very strict with my spending on wanton rubbish, and even put lots of items onto eBay to clear out some much needed wardrobe space – however now and then it’s relaxing to treat yourself. I recently popped into Matalan and found they were running an exclusive additional 20% off their sale and decided it’d be a shame to leave empty handed….

So, here are my spoils.

1. Quilted Cream Jumper – Was £14, paid £4.80

Waffle-Texture-Sweater-Cream-Sale I’ve been on the market for a shorter sleeved quilted jumper in a creamy, white-like shade for quite a long time, but I’m very particular when it comes to styles. This one is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for  – it’s heavy enough to feel substantial and keep a chill out, but light enough that you don’t end up sticky when wearing it. The honeycomb style quilting is also really sweet and has a similar effect to those golf-style jumpers you see around Winter, but without being itchy.
I fully expect to wear this until it falls off me, and I’d have probably bought 2 if they’d had more than one of my size.

2. Tartan Textured Mini Skirt – Was £8, paid £2.40


This is a really sweet 60s style monochrome pencil skirt that I have visions of looking fabulous in during winter. Last year I scoured high and low for something similar but always came back empty handed. It’s not quite as long as I’d have liked, but it is cute on and the textured fabric means it’s quite forgiving too. As a totally unexpected bonus, it matches the white jumper very well indeed as you can see above (p.s the brogues are Clarks and I wrote about them here)

3. Cropped Gym Leggings – Was £12, paid £3.60


Aren’t these just the biggest snazz bomb you’ve ever seen? I’ve been eyeing up some fancy running pants for some time after lusting Kate Hudson’s range and seeing some nice USA Pro styles in Sports Direct but given the pricetag on these I could hardly leave them. I’m not expecting them to work wonders or do any fancy footwork, but they’re stretchy, comfortable and will definitely do what I want them to!

There was absolutely heaps of stuff to trawl, and if I hadn’t been so strict with spending I might have splurged a little more. I know the title says £10 and the total was actually £10.80 but I figure if I don’t buy a coffee tomorrow morning it’s all the same. (I will buy a coffee tomorrow morning).

Have you had any great sale buys yet? Tell me all about them!



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