Why You Should Break Tradition when Travelling


If your heart beats for travel and adventure, then you’ll relate when I say I’m always on the lookout for destinations that don’t quite conform to the traditional “holiday” checklist. I’ve often found the more unusual destinations, or those off the beaten track, make for a much more rewarding travel experience. Here are a few reasons why you should consider breaking tradition when you travel from now on!

You’ll have your own trip

Have you ever been to somewhere popular and ended up with hundreds of travel recommendations from friends and family? That’s really useful, but it can sometimes feel like you’re having someone else’s holiday. By the time you’ve scoured the must-see restaurants, tourist hotspots and bars, you’ve often run out of time for exploring yourself, which is half of the fun. Going somewhere a little more obscure reduces the pressure to visit your next door neighbour’s favourite beach bar or your desk buddy’s restaurant recommendation, which can make for a very special trip!

It could be cheaper

Rome, Paris, New York and other popular tourist destinations can be very expensive – demand on hotels and flights drives prices so it’s hardly a surprise these frequented cities are sometimes costly. However, with a bit of clever planning you can visit nearby places for sometimes half the price. Hotels outside of popular cities can be way cheaper and offer better discounts in low season too. Try choosing the next closest airport to a big city and making a couple of day trips, which often works out tons cheaper than staying in the city!

It will mean more to you

Years ago when Mr K and I first visited Memphis, TN we didn’t know anyone else who had been. It felt like our little secret that there was this incredible place with delicious food, great music and super friendly people. Fast forward 5 years and it’s a pretty popular destination for UK travellers – but we’ll always remember fondly that we discovered it under our own steam. It’s also nice going back for the 4th time and having bartenders and restauranteurs recognise you. Maybe we need to go to other places…

You’ll  likely see true culture

Nobody believes that authentic France is like Paris, or that Orlando represents the true spirit of the Deep South – so it’s a shame to miss out on the true cultural experience of a country because it’s easier to book a trip to the capital. It can be very rewarding and educational to visit and experience other cultures, so taking a step out of the ordinary can be so good for you!
Tourist destinations often lose their authenticity quickly because retailers and caterers try to provide us with a taste of home – and before you know it, you’re faced with Irish pubs and Full English Breakfasts all over the place. Go to the mountains, have the Paella. You’ll like it better.

Do you try to stay off the beaten path when travelling?



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