Why the Migrant Crisis Should be Your Top Priority

I’m not the most politically minded person – so when I mentioned to a friend that I was writing about the migrant crisis, understandably she asked “why?”
The reason is simple. I don’t consider it to be a political crisis (although that is part of it). I consider it to be a humanitarian crisis.

No matter how much political or economical stat bombardment the press & prime minister employ, the crux of it is still the same. Thousands of people are fleeing unsafe conditions and looking for help from fellow humans, and many of them are being turned away when it’s too late.

No matter who is “responsible”, parents are putting themselves and their children at our mercy, because we have the means to help them (despite what D-Cam said).  Sadly, in May, we voted to allow David Cameron speak for us, and he is telling these desperate, frightened people that we don’t care about them. He is telling them that the UK are “doing enough” to support them, whilst their children’s bodies are being washed ashore.

I am very lucky that I was born in the UK – I have never had to worry about fleeing my home country to seek basic safety. My parents never had to make decisions about whether it’s best to risk our lives at sea or at home. I consider this to be a massive privilege, and one that I’ll be eternally grateful for. It doesn’t give me any right to deny safety to someone who wasn’t blessed with the same birthplace.

I’m not so naïve to believe there aren’t complications that come with additional population – but I’m also not so naïve as to believe that the UK are doing absolutely everything they’re capable of to support these people. It doesn’t really come down to which country is responsible for helping – as humans we’re all responsible.

It’s past time we spoke up and demanded proper action be taken to protect those seeking safety, instead of leaving them eternally in detention centres fearing being returned home. If you believe it was wrong for people to turn a blind eye to what happened in the holocaust, then surely you can see the implications of staying silent.

If you do nothing else today, sign this petition to have parliament discuss offering proportional support to refugees.  Be a human.