Think Money Blogger BBQ | Hotel Football, Manchester

Hotel Football Heaven BBQ

They call it heaven – the rooftop football pitch-come-terrace at Trafford’s Hotel Football – and I was on my way up. It was Sunday afternoon and I’d been invited to a BBQ by the lovely Emma from MissPond . Super excited to get back into the world of blogging events, I almost forgot to be nervous about being up on the 12th floor overlooking Manchester and was mostly awestruck by the awesome view and sweet décor. Who knew a football pitch could be so thoroughly pimped?

Anyway, the day was set to be a BBQ hosted by Think Money – they offer financial services and a whole host of solutions including managed bank accounts (for a better fee than most mainstream accounts!) and possibly the best banking TrustPilot rating I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t there to talk about money though (thank god) – I was there to scoff, chat and generally have a good time. Thankfully, Think Money are just as good at having a good time as they are at handling peoples dosh.

We were welcomed by drinks and then enjoyed a cupcake decorating class by the lovely Princess and the Cupcake  who skilled us up with tons of buttercream and fondant hacks to make our cupcakes look awesome. Seriously, look!

Hote Football Heaven Cupcake Class

I even managed to get a 5th cupcake to chow down on before the BBQ. Irresponsible, but it was Sunday so what the heck?

In no time at all, the BBQ was cracking and food was flowing freely – and thank heavens bloggers are good eaters because I was really hoping second helpings were on the menu – and they were. It was so nice to have some time at an event which was dedicated to almost nothing – getting a chance to have a proper chat to some other bloggers was great and actually took the strain out of being constantly “on”, which  I find a little tiresome at events.

Hotel Football Heaven BBQ

Seriously, doesn’t that look scrummy?

We enjoyed a couple rounds of Blogger Bingo – the prizes were particularly lavish (lol) and the lucky winners took away some melted chocolate trophies! It turns out you just cannot account for temperature in Manchester, but I’m sure they were delicious all the same!

Anyway, it was a jolly good return to blogging for me, and I had a total blast. Of course, there was a pretty cool goody bag too which I’ll be talking about in the coming days, now I’ve got my blogging mojo back, so stay tuned!

Until then why not check out some of the other lovely ladies who attended?
Obviously Emma from MissPond
Donna from Polkadot Pink
Georgina from She Might Be Loved 
Clare from IlikeTweet

That should keep you busy!



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