Thrifty Threads | 3 Dresses for £10


Of late, Mr K and I have been really knuckling down trying to be savvy with money so we can spend next Christmas in a home of our own – however it’s definitely important for sanity to treat yourself now and again.
With that in mind, I decided that I would only be allowed to buy new clothes if I sold some old ones. I shifted about a dozen pieces on eBay/Depop and found myself with around £80 to reinvest – which sounds like lots, but doesn’t equate to much in real terms.

Unless you know where to shop, which I do.

I recently hit The Outlet in Chorley as a starting point and was absolutely amazed to come out with these 3 beauties for bang on £10. I’ll just let the togs do the talking, eh?


This Love Label heart print dress was only £2, which is totally nuts considering how well it’s made. It’s pretty unusual and it caught my eye right away – plus I’ve received some lovely comments about it last time I wore it – so I know it was a good pick! It’s a little snug around my big boxers arms, but otherwise very flattering.
I have visions of wearing this with chunky black tights, red Lotta clogs and a half-beehive. So cute!


My next pick was this 70s inspired print dress which was £6. I’m not normally one for wearing pink but I love the contrast with the burgundy, and think it looks really cute styled a few different ways. It’s quite an autumnal print although a thin material, but it’s a great piece for layering under a chunky knit!


Finally comes this lovely, striking blue definitions shift dress – with my favourite peter pan collar! It was just £2 and fits like a glove! It has a lovely nipped in waist which makes it very flattering (although its hard to tell from the photo). I had originally pegged this for workwear, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be a hot casual piece too. I’m looking forward to wearing this out over Autumn!

In all, I’m quite pleased with my little haul. I hadn’t planned on adding these specific items to my collection, but they definitely make an interesting addition!

Have you made any great buys lately?
I have a few more thrifty threads posts coming up so stay tuned if you like reading about frugal fashion!



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