Cruelty Free Cosmetics | Lush Colour Supplement

Lush Colour supplement review

You’re probably no stranger to my love for Lush – like just about everyone else out there. Despite great reviews of their beauty range, I’d never before ventured into their cosmetics collection (save for a lip tint several christmasses ago).

Shame on me, because I seem to have been missing out in a big way.
I recently picked up a little pot of Colour Supplement in Light Yellow whilst bobbing through Manchester – and that’s what I’m talking about today.

I wasn’t really sure what a colour supplement was – is it a tinted moisturiser? a BB cream? a CC cream? A foundation?
The truth is, I’m still not sure – but I’ve been using it as a foundation for the past week or so and I’m already quite convinced it will replace my regular Bourjois Healthy Mix.

Lush Colour supplement review

The instructions say to use it mixed with moisturiser to create a perfect tint, or use it straight-up for a fuller cover – this makes it a really versatile little pot, and suits me great. Some days I want to have a light coverage and others I prefer to be more made-up, and that used to mean having 2 different products. Now I can trust this handy little tub to fit the bill.

As someone who has combination skin, I was a little worried about whether it’d be oily (it contains soy and rice bran oils) but it isn’t – in fact, it’s rather moisturising. It also contains a fresh rose petal infusion, which gives it a very gentle scent that’s really pleasant, but doesn’t linger.

When combined with moisturiser it gives a reasonable colour correction – but is perhaps not for those with dry skin unless used on its own. I had been a little dehydrated when I first used it, and it didn’t look great.
When used on its own, it’s definitely a sheer cover – but with a little powder it sets nicely and does last for the majority of the day.

I’ve also found that, because it has more natural ingredients, my skin feels less stifled by it. It can be rough on your skin if you use foundation each day, but my skin’s condition has definitely improved since use, and looks less dull when I don’t wear anything.

At £9.50 for a 20g pot I’m not sure yet whether it’s better value than Healthy Mix (I don’t know if it’ll last longer) but it’s certainly giving my trusty old foundation a run for its money!

Have you used Lush Colour Supplements before? What are your thoughts?



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