Things I Love About Autumn.

reasons to love autumn

As much as I love the sun on my skin, I’ve always been an Autumn/Winter person – I love the cold weather, the dark nights and the damp air. Perhaps it comes from being born in December.

Whatever the reason, Autumn is here and in anticipation of all the awesome things it brings, I’m talking about all my favourite Autumn things!

1.Wearing my Glasses

I actually really love wearing my glasses, but I have sensitive eyes too. That means in summer I stick to contact lenses because it’s easier to throw on sunglasses. In Autumn I get much more chance to wear my specs (this year I’m happily sporting my Specspost ones)

2. Morning Walks/Cycles

It’s sometimes hard to get your vitamin D fix in Autumn, so wherever possible I like to take a walk before work, or ride my bobbin bike there. It makes you feel much more awake, and the colours are so vivid it often wakes my imagination for the day. It also gives you really lovely rosy cheeks – no blush required!

3. Hot Drinks All Day

I love clutching a warm mug – but in Spring/Summer I stick to chilled drinks. As soon as Autumn comes round, I’m all about the mint teas, hot chocolates and chai lattes. Bring me a big, chunky, steaming mug of anything hot (soup included) and we’ll get along juuuuuust fine.

4. Slow Cooker Meals

Is there anything better than a slow cooker? I’m not really a lazy chef, but I love being able to toss dinner into the slow cooker the night before and just leave it simmering all day. Coming home to the rich smell of a delicious stew, soup or broth is an unrivaled blessing when you’ve just braved sideways rain, traffic jams and wet feet. I particularly love this on a chilly night.

5. Time for Me!

Maybe it’s just my friends, but through summer I’m consistently busy. When Autumn comes, my schedule magically empties itself an nobody wants to play out. This is great because I get to enjoy some knitting, reading and catching up with movies as well as snuggling up pinning seasonal loveliness (check out my Pinterest here btw)

Soo those are just some of the things I can’t wait to enjoy this season – and I didn’t even talk about fashion (which I also love best of all in Autumn). What are your favourite things about Autumn?



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