Knitting | The Lazy Girl’s Winter Hobby

Knitting relaxing hobby

Knitting might sound like a really uncool thing for a twenty-something to be doing in the evenings – especially when living in Manchester, but hear me out! Since I started buying cruelty free and eliminating wool from my shopping, I realised how hard it is to get a good quality, thick and attractive knitted scarf and glove set.

Seriously. It’s either Primark junk that bobbles after the first wash, or wool blend which is out of bounds.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and last year, during my early bird challenge, I taught myself to knit using YouTube videos. I really quickly discovered that it’s really relaxing and actually something you can do whilst watching TV or reading when you get the hang of it. GOT + Knitting = Relax.

I sort of expected myself to transform into a hemp loving, barefoot Earth mother (which is fine) because mostly, when I see hand knitted things, they’re really awful. But then I found a few simple patterns and knocked out a couple of thick, plain and chunky scarves. To make your own simple block colour version, basically use Knit & Perl across 19 rows, until the scarf is as long as you want. I used 4 balls of Cygnet Super Chunky Synthetic yarn. Yeah… I sound like a grandmother.

Basically what I wanted to say it that knitting isn’t that uncool. Is it?

Do you have any old folk hobbies?



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