On Taking Risks | The £13 eBay Biker Boots

Dark Brown Biker Boots eBay

I’m the kind of person who browses eBay constantly. My watch list often reaches triple figures and I’m a self confessed last-second auction stealer (sorry, not sorry)

I am, however, quite a discerning eBay shopper. I agonise over listings – checking every photograph in fine detail, reading item specifics, looking for blemishes, reading feedback and price comparing. When buying new things, I’m often dubious about buying fakes – a long-ago purchase of a knockoff handbag left a sour taste in my mouth.

Recently, though, I took a risk on a pair of biker boots and I’m so glad I did that I actually want to dedicate a whole post to them. See, I’ve been in the market for some biker boots for a long time – with a very specific vision of what I wanted.
Think Spinelli from Recess, but shorter, and very dark brown or charcoal.
Dark Brown Biker Boots eBayA few months after beginning my search (and just after missing a win on some Ash boots) I saw a seller listing some Ravel biker boots for just £12.99. Of course, I was interested but a little suspicious – Ravel boots usually retail at more like £80 – and these were listed brand new.

I sent the seller a message asking about the price and they explained it was last season stock bought at a high discount as a wholesaler. My line of work means I appreciate this is entirely possible, so I was pretty satisfied, but still unsure.

In the end I took a punt, figuring I’d have spent £13 on some temporary biker boots in Primark if autumn had caught me short anyway, so having £13 ones from eBay is really no different.

Dark Brown Biker Boots eBay

When they arrived I was astounded with the quality – I’ve never bought Ravel before but the leather has softened nicely, giving them a rough, slouchy look without being scruffy. They’re a beautiful aged mahogany shade and they fit like a dream (I did size up as recommended by basically everyone who has ever bought Ravel).

So, I guess I just wanted to say that, sometimes, it’s worth taking a gamble on something when shopping online. I’m usually very cautious of fakes, but this has inspired me to be a little more adventurous when shopping online!

Have you had any great eBay buys?



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