3 Great Autumn/Winter Nail Shades


Does anyone else judge how good their nails look by how they feel typing & holding a to-go coffee? Just me?

Well, I wanted to talk about a few nail shades that have got me feeling good this Autumn. Actually, 2 of them are last year’s shades – but ones that are still super available (perhaps for cheaper than normal!). I’m the kind of gal who usually wears really dark nail colours year round, save for a few weeks where I’ll take it off and wear nude only to realise my nails are stained and revert back to dark. If you’re looking for some rich, deep shades this year then you’re in the right place!

Butter London LA Moss

La Moss by BUTTERLondon

I only discovered this brand in 2014 because previously they’d felt too pricey for me. When I learned they were Cruelty Free I splurged and bought La Moss and I’m so glad I did. Almost a year later, it’s still my go-to hue.

Body Shop Green Nail Lacquer

Body Shop Green by Body Shop

Green nails usually elicits cries of “ugh, no!” but this lovely bottle green shade is basically black unless you get close up, which I really like. I like this with one nail accented with gold dots too – fancy, but simple.

ORLY Nude country club khaki

Country Club Khaki by Orly

I know OPI aren’t cruelty free, but I’ve had this product for ages and I won’t be re-purchasing. However, it does make this lovely Orly neutral pop really nicely! I don’t really like French style manicures, but this is quite delicate and classy in my opinion. It’s sort of my dreamy party/wedding go-to look.

Do you have a favourite autumn/winter shade or product?



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