Home Decor Inspirations | Autumn 2015 Interior Looks I Love

Recently I’ve been directing my winter-generated chirpiness into dreaming up new interior design looks for our home (or future home, I’m not going to spend $$ on someone else’s house). Since I cant put any of my inspiration into practice yet I thought I’d share some interior looks I’m loving right now.
Click the image for the source!

beautiful lounge

Seriously lounge-able lounge. I love the combo of grey with copper and muted tones right now. Usually I go for something a bit bolder, but this is so relaxing. Sort of perfect for laying back reading.

old fireplace

Big old fireplace, you are my weakness.


As if you would ever get out of the bath! The subway tile is lovely, though I’d have spearmint in my own.


Exposed brick + gilded mirror = perfect bedroom!

Ugh I cannot wait to have our own (bought) place so we can start doing crazy stuff like exposing all of the brick.

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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