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Etsy is a strange realm – making news this year for banning the sale of magical and spell-related goods – but today I want to share some of the bits I most love Etsy for. The artisan, unique and quirkier handcrafted goodies that can go a million miles to adding personality to any outfit, home or gift.
I mean, I love magic as much as the next girl (still waiting for my Hogwarts letter…) but this crafty marketplace is much better suited to curating gorgeous bits and bobs. This year marks a decade since Etsy crept onto the web, bringing with it all types of weird and wonderful knickknacks (need a vase shaped like a dinosaur? Etsy has your back).
Today, though, I’m celebrating the bright and beautiful instead. Shall we?


Above you can see a collection of my favourite stuff from this year – and you can clearly see it’s heavily influenced by being a blogger (cacti, art prints and greyscale, yo!)

Sometimes I use Etsy for inspiration purposes – it’s a crafters paradise in many ways, and often there’ll be semi-specialist items listed that you can easily knock up yourself with a bit of research and planning. I love that if you like being hands-on, then it’s akin to Pinterest for filling your brain with ideas. If not, that’s fine – because someone out there has already made it and you can buy it! Win win!

On the flipside, it’s also a bit of a hipster hotspot, which means its full of ridiculous junk – but someone must want it! (Does anyone remember Regretsy? Dang I miss that site).

Generally its easy to find the true boutique-style e-stores – prices, images and originality give them away. I’m a huge advocate of supporting little businesses with a great product, but be careful of buying bulk bought, straight-from-China pieces – the site is saturated with them!

Do you get lost browsing in Etsy?
It is just an inspiration plaform for you, or do you buy as well?



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