Some Resolutions

Roadtrip Stop Georgia

In general, I think Resolutions are a strange thing – if you want to make a change, do it now, right?

That said, I’d still like to work on some things in 2016. I’m kicking off the year with a hearty start – beginning a new and exciting role at work – and I want that just to be the start of how awesome the next 12 months can be.

Here are a few other resolutions. Big and small.

Ditch Sugar. I was recently recommended a book called Eat. Nourish. Glow (buy it here) which has a chapter focusing on the damage Sugar can do to our bodies. I’ve made small changes to cutting it already, but 2016 will (hopefully) be a sugar free year.

Run. I used to love running, however late last year I injured my foot and running took a back seat – then completely dropped out of my routine. I miss how energetic I felt when I ran regularly.

Do More Things. I lose count of the number of things I consider doing, but never get round to. I’ve missed seeing tons of great musicians and exhibitions this year just through not motivating myself. I want to do more things like that, and do more things under my own steam.
First point of call is to try a Horse Riding lesson with Mum.

Revisit Languages. I’m blessed that I can pick up languages very easily – but it’s an ability I never use. This year I want to revisit some of the languages I ditched after the basics… and maybe try a few new ones.

Buy a House. Mr K and I have actually been planning this for a while, but 2016 is likely to be the year. Probably not until much later in the year, but it is exciting nontheless.

See New Places. I am fortunate to have travelled Europe and the USA very well – and this year I’d like to see a few new locations. Starting with Santorini early in the year, 2016 will be the year of the short break.
With that in mind, if you have a great short break suggestion, let me have it!

Do you have any plans, resolutions or hopes for 2016?



One thought on “Some Resolutions

  1. Instead of doing year long resolutions, I broke mine into months. I only am working on two categories, though, the first is bible reading (each month I will focus on certain books in the new testament) and the second is getting healthy (each month I focus on either something active or something food related). My blog post is coming out tomorrow with the details. Best wishes on your resolutions! They all sound like great ideas!


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