On Lifestyle Envy.

Isn’t getting lost in Pinterest, Instagram or tumblr funny – you spend hours happily scrolling things you know are filtered and displayed through rose-tinted lenses and yet, somewhere inside you, these beautiful snapshots of unattainable lifestyles still make us dissatisfied with our own lot.

I spent a whole heap of time this week dreaming of bodies, homes, wardrobes, cars, holidays and hairstyles that simply will never be mine, for various reasons. I thoroughly enjoyed the escape – but I thought today I would share some snapshots of my life that, actually, make it rather as beautiful as those highly stylised images that trigger such envy in so many of us.

Basically nobody would know that I got that gorgeous handbag on sale, those log cabins were a 2-day rental, the necklace had matted hair tangled into the back of it and those peeking flowers toppled off my garden wall and died within minutes of taking that photo.



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