Lust for Life | The Start of a Mountaineering Journey


I’m back after a long, unexpected and relaxing blog break and ready to talk with vigor about the things that really make me happy and inspire passion. Not lipsticks or the new skirt from that overpriced place. That’s a whole other post that may or may not happen, so I’m just going to get going and act like I’ve never been away.

Recently Mr K and I have been falling in love with mountain climbing or trekking, being outdoors, being good to ourselves (but still enjoying the odd carafe of wine).

We have set ourselves a challenge to trek some pretty famous peaks in the coming years – we’re talking the Peruvian Andes, Mount Olympus and some other big boys.

I know very little about mountaineering beyond what I’ve dreamed, so join me going forward as I answer (by trial and error) some of the most fervently asked mountaineering questions;

Can I actually do it?

What are the best all-terrain hiking boots?

Where are some of the best practice trails?

What if I need a wee while you’re hiking?

Do I need to wear a sports bra?

Only time will tell. Stay tuned.



One thought on “Lust for Life | The Start of a Mountaineering Journey

  1. I love mountaineering!! Things I suggest, mounatins are awesome but also really nasty so get proper training- glacier, first aid, ice/snow training etc. The BMC run some great courses in the Peak District (they are based in MCR) but also suggest heading to Glenmore Lodge in the Cairngorms (this is where I did all my snow/ice/etc training) as they are amazing. I went away feeling a hell of a lot more confident.
    Also invest in she wees… And yeas to a sports bra! Oh and get proper boots, I am talking rigid/expensive B1/B2 at least (crampon compatible) boots. Crappy Hi Tech ones are not for these types of adventures. Do these things and you will enjoy 🙂


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