Gorilla Perfumes Death & Decay | A Review

Death and Decay.jpg

I’ve known Lush dabbled in fragrances for quite a few years, but never before checked out their ranges as, simply put, I am lazy.

However since buying cruelty free I have a new-found appreciation for just how expensive Molton Brown fragrance is and was on the market for a more reasonably priced Cruelty Free fragrance. I decided to give them a go, and added a couple variations to my Christmas List. Yes it’s taken me since Christmas to write this.

The first one I’m going to talk about is my favourite – Death & Decay. Don’t let the name fool you, this fragrance is full but fresh, and although it takes a little getting used to I’ve permanently promoted it to my go-to fragrance.

I suspect the name comes from it’s Lily-heavy notes (Lilies being the traditional funeral flower) which compliment the indole – which I assume represents the decay (indole is found mainly in white flowers, but is also present in … human poo). Read this for more information – it’s not all bad.

I recall my first sniff with humour – I really didn’t like it – it was slightly “weird” smelling and a bit overpowering. However it was a gift from my brother so I persisted, applying it liberally on Christmas day – and by 11am I was hooked.

The scent softens quickly, but also has great staying power, meaning I get sweet pangs of scent throughout the day. Despite the way it sounds, it softens to a very gentle, sweet effect which is a little vanilla-esque, although there is no vanilla listed in the ingredients.

The overall effect is quite calming – it feels sort of exotic but not in the same was as those sickly coconut based perfumes. It’s mysterious, and complex, and not like anything I’ve worn before (sorry I can’t compare it!)

At £30 for 30ml it’s slightly cheaper than Molton Brown but still in the price range of designer fragrance – but without harming any animals!

I would absolutely recommend trying this fragrance out by going into your local Lush store. Try it on and leave it for a couple of hours to settle on your skin before you decide.
If you live more on the edge you can buy online here.

Have you tried Lush fragrance before? Do you have a favourite?
My next Lush review will be Furze.



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