The Joys of Simplicity

Hi guys! It’s been a while – I’m not sorry. Sometimes distance is just the ticket.

Whilst I’ve been on hiatus, I sought out new things – joining a local book club (bet thing ever) ramping up training sessions, signing up for a half marathon, purging belongings, making plans for the future. Not blogging, but lurking in the twittersphere watching.
Avoiding the drama that I never got involved with anyway.

I’ve cleansed my house, and subsequently my mind, and am feeling invigorated to continue writing.
I might as well continue anyway, I’ve paid up for my domain name…

Here’s to a new era of Suggestive Digestive with healthy body & mind, ethical approaches to fashion and beauty, travel inspirations to broaden the mind.
I might even sometimes write about work – that’s going well by the way.

After all, blogging isn’t just about marble backgrounds and cacti.




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