A Trip To Greenwich

The Queens House, Greenwich

A few weeks’ ago I spent a few night in Greenwich with my Brother as part of his belated birthday gift. We had such a good time I thought I’d share a few snaps.

If you ask me, the most important thing about Greenwich is that it’s the original site of the Royal Observatory, and that’s precisely what formed the basis of our trip – my brother and I are a little space obsessive so the idea of spending a day exploring the home of British space study was too delicious to pass up. We paid due homage to the meridian line too, of course, but whiled away several hours getting to know the Summer night skies in the Planetarium (it’s well worth a trip). We just missed the new exhibition for Astronomy Photographer of the Year but  I did pick up a planisphere which I’m very happy about. Cross your fingers for clear skies, guys!


Since we wanted to see so many shows, it worked out cheaper for us to sign up as members of the Royal  Museums of Greenwich. That also gave us access to the Cutty Sark, the Queen’s House and the Maritime Museum for 12 months. On this trip we only got to check out the Royal Observatory and the Cutty Sark but that’s great as it just means we can go back to Greenwich in the future to see the other museums and enjoy the planetarium some more…


The Cutty Sark was pretty cool too, but is about as interesting as you can expect a tea clipper to be for a coffee drinker. What was more interesting is the little area around the Cutty Sark which had a little food market and other bits and bobs plus beneath the ship in the café area was a collection of the coolest/strangest Ship Mascots I’ve ever seen. Apparently it’s the biggest collection in the world…

I really like this Armless King. “Tis but a flesh wound”


I must admit I was charmed by Greenwich – it doesn’t have the same heavy bustle as London but it has that quaint, cultured atmosphere that always leaves you feeling like you’ve had a really refreshing weekend away.

Have you visited? Do you have any recommendations for our next trip there?



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