Why “Simple” Holidays Are Good For You


I’ve long been of the opinion that I want to see the world in a whirlwind of longhaul flights, fast paced days and nights spent on sweaty buses travelling between remarkable, lesser-visited places of beauty.
I still want that sometimes, but when we recently visited Praia da Marinha, Portugal, I began to examine my attitude towards “valuable travel” and realised that you don’t always have to be jetting off to new & distant “in” places to have a rewarding holiday.
I see many travel writers scoff at people who claim they “love to travel” but go to Spanish resorts on the regular – and I’m so over travel snobbery. I love going to Spain, and I’ll go every year if I jolly well want to!
Maybe sometimes I’ll go to Rhyl or Whitby or Torquay or Blackpool.

Lets face it, while seeing the world is an admirable dream, most of us balance wanderlust with an unfortunate shackle to the real world, real jobs and the pace of human life (and, y’know, a budget). Sometimes it gets wearying, and you just need a good old cheap-and-cheerful, beer-by-the pool break.

“Simple” Beach Holidays in sleepy port towns or seaside resorts with good food, good company and a bit of sunshine are a helix for a lot of modern day aches, and even if you’re the type who’d prefer to be halfway up Everest than halfway through your second beach-side book, they will make you feel like a new person.
Taking holidays is proven to improve your resilience to stress; improve sleep quality, reduce blood pressure – why would you not want a dose of that once a year!

Imagine sitting in a peaceful, empty beach cove. You’re listening to the waves lap against the shore. You’ve got the sun on your face. The office feels a million miles away, and even if you did want to check your emails you can’t get a signal because you’re in the middle of nowhere.  Bliss.

Treat yourself this year. Book a simple adventure-free holiday and unwind for a couple of days. Beijing and Sydney will be there next year.



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