Minimalist Mondays: 6 Things You Don’t Need (Part 1)

With this trendy, abstract form of minimalism taking the world by storm, and KonMari being basically the new Lord and Saviour of all things material, it’s been hard not to get swept up in the idea of having less stuff.

As a theory, having less & doing more really appeals to me – but in the real world, it can be tough.
Plus, there’s something to be said for having stuff “just in case” (wellies, spare ibuprofen, an extra vase, a car key from 3 cars ago)… but also something very refreshing about not having too much.

Recently I’ve really been thinking about what “too much” is, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some things I simply don’t need.
Then I got rid of the things, and it’s been the best thing ever (and actually it’s quite addictive, now I have less, I want even less). 

Here’s some stuff I don’t/won’t need, want or buy any more. I have named this Part 1 as I fully expect to need even less as time goes by, after a few weeks without this stuff, I’m already dreaming of having fewer things.

1. Duplicate makeup/toiletries
Why do I need 3 different mascaras? I don’t. Same for foundation, blusher, bronzer, eyeshadows etc etc – I have only one face, and I wear basically the same makeup look every day, maybe with a bit of eyeliner for a treat. Ditching all the surplus cosmetics in my stash felt so good, and now travel is so simple too because I only have 1 of everything, and it fits nicely in a smallish cosmetics bag!

2. Several Coats
So I was actually amazed at how many coats I had (double figures, guys…)
Streamlining, I ended up with 4 coats/jackets that are cross-functional. When these things wear out, I’ll replace them with better quality & more versatile pieces.

3. Kitchen Stuff
Remember the spiralizer? Me too. Remember the last time you used it? Me neither.
The same goes for the veg steamer, apple corer, mandoline slicer and all those other amazing kitchen gadgets that become a pain to keep clean and a nightmare to store.
I cleared all that nonsense out and guess what? I can still cook a damn good meal.

4. Books
know! As a bibliophile myself, it’s hard to think about not having books around, but they’re so not necessary in this kindle age! I now have a handful of cookbooks that I use fairly often (I’m lookin’ at you, Thug Kitchen) a paperback if that’s what I’m currently reading, and 2 other books that have sentimental value.  Everything else is digital, save the planet yo.
(Note this also means you don’t need a book shelf, which means even less room to stash junk!)

5. Tons of Bedding/Linen/Towels
I emptied my bedding box and counted 5 double duvet sets. There hasn’t been a double bed in my house since I moved in 4 years ago. Why did I still have this stuff?
I packed up everything except for the bedding set currently in use, a change of bedding, and a set of guest linen (plus 2 light blankets for summer sleeping).
We also have 4 bath towels, 2 smaller “hair” towels and 2 hand towels – the remaining old ones went to the charity shop along with the bedding.

6. Notebooks & Stationery
I’m the kind of person who just loves cute stationery – however I haven’t penpalled in years and I usually never write in notebooks I buy because they’re “too cute”.
Notes these days are better stored on mobile devices so they don’t go missing and are easily shared if needs be. I keep one small notepad & pen on hand for urgent scribbles, and the rest went in the bin. Byee!

Re-reading that above list makes the items seem so trivial & unnecessary, and I can say with honesty that not having them in my home actually makes me feel more free.
Now instead of spending spare time browsing beauty or fashion websites, I read more, work out, talk to friends & family – stuff that’s far more valuable to me than a new top or extra lipstick.

If having stuff is your thing, then have stuff and enjoy it – but if not, and you’re looking for a bit of light relief from the world of things, or are seeking realignment in some way, then try to think of 5 things you don’t need, and ditch them.
You won’t regret it.




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