24h in Mykonos & Why That’s Enough


Greece is so beautiful and varied – there’s the lush green of mainland areas, and the sandy, volcanic, almost-tropical beaches of the islands, and everything inbetween. The one thing that links almost everywhere in Greece is its sleepiness. It’s impossible to visit Greece and not relax – but sometimes abundant sleepiness can get a little dull.

Back in May we went on a Greek cruise (a lovely gift from Mother T) and enjoyed some beautiful Aegean islands and a few stops on the Mainland. Perhaps my second most anticipated stop (after Athens) was Mykonos – the teeny tiny island famed for its windmills & picturesque winding streets.

Mykonos is somewhat of a trendy Greek destination at the moment, particularly among bloggers,  and although it’s lovely, it’s not the loveliest place I’ve visited in Greece, or even on this cruise (see Aghios Nikolaos or Thira). It’s not all white walls & blue doors.

We arrived in the port at around 6am and had to get a tender to shore as our ship was too large to dock. Approaching Mykonos by boat, seeing the quaint fishing harbor bob into view, with the windmill dotted hilltops, was really lovely – Surely this is the best way to approach the island?

It was super early, so we decided to start with a spot of exploring. We took a hike around the gorgeous higgledy-piggledy streets, looking at the (closed) shops and tavernas, making plans to return for lunch. I noted that most of the shops were your average tourist junk shops, with the occasional gallery or jeweller. Not our cup of tea, but the island’s gotta make money somewhere!
We happened upon Little Venice purely by accident, whilst making our way to Kato Milli, which are synonymous with Mykonos. Truly beautiful, and highly instagrammable, though neither is a place you can reasonably spend more than 30minutes at.

Mykonos Town Port

The beaches on this side of the island are pebbly and not particularly comfortable, however, a short jaunt by tuk-tuk, bus or even hire car (about 30euro for the day) will take you to several white sandy beaches, including the one which Shirley Valentine was shot at.

In terms of history, the island of Delos is fairly close by boat, and you can hop on scheduled tours in Mykonos Town port for around 20euro each. The tours take around half a day, giving you another half a day to explore the island and enjoy some of the beaches and bars.

Food and drink on Mykonos is extremely expensive in comparison with other Greek islands and the mainland, but I suppose this is to do with importing items from the mainland, which will make them more expensive. We enjoyed some saganaki and fresh fish by the port, and an unhealthy amount of Cafe Frappes.

I really enjoyed my time in Mykonos, but by around 6pm we’d had enough of the island and were running out of things to keep us entertained. That said, I’d absolutely visit the island again, perhaps for 2-3 days as part of a larger Greek island trip.

Have you been to Mykonos? Will you be going?



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