How to Declutter your Life


Do you ever just feel incredibly overwhelmed, but can’t put your finger on why? Recently I decided to address that feeling and try to eliminate some of the clutter in my life. It turned out that a few very simple steps have helped me to feel fresher, more focused & overall happier in all areas of my life.

So, how do you declutter your life?

Empty your inbox

I was guilty of being that person who has 8,000 unread emails  in the little red dot above the app – something Mr K despaired at every time he saw my phone. The first step I took was to delete everything that was unread, figuring if I hadn’t read it by now, it’s not important. Having inbox 0 felt so nice, and now I set aside 2 minutes every day to read, file or delete emails as needed.
This brings me nicely to the second thing I did…

Unsubscribe from all marketing emails

Once I was subjected to less incoming emails, I decided to reduce the amount that came in altogether – I get around 100 emails a day, but probably 2-3 of them are of interest or use to me. For a week or so, I unsubscribed from every single email I received, unless I had a very good reason for staying on the list. Now I get about 12-15 emails a day, mostly from places I want to hear from.
My logic is that if I suddenly start to miss content from somewhere, I can always go and resubscribe. Easy.

Stop buying duplicate stuff

It might feel great to be super prepared and have 5 bottles of bleach, 3 spare washing up liquids, several toothpastes etc however it takes up lots of space somewhere in your home and ultimately gets messy (unless you’ve got like, bags of space, which I haven’t).
I’ve started to streamline cleaning stuff by buying versatile products & only buying one of each thing (except when there’s a sensible offer on like buy 1 get 1 free and I was going to buy the item anyway).

Stop doing things that don’t add value to your life
(Or start doing things that do)
Some things aren’t always pleasant but have to be done (hello, Dentists & paying council tax), so I’ve started to think about things in terms of how it adds value to our life. If it doesn’t add value, then I’ll stop doing it. For example I used to buy a fair amount of cook books & kitchen stuff, then we’d just have them. They rarely got used, so didn’t add any value to our lives. I donated the books, ditched the kitchen junk & now we have more free space & our lifestyle hasn’t been impacted at all.
I also intend to stop watching junky television shows for “something to do” and invest that time into better ways of relaxing, or find something worthwhile to watch.

Check your Finances

This is something I don’t do often enough, but with the adding value tip in mind, I decided to review my direct debits and subscriptions to see what I’m paying for that I don’t value. I managed to save around £38/month by cancelling memberships that I no longer benefit from. And again, if it’s something I miss, I can always sign up again!

Are there any areas of life you’d like to simplify?



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