Minimalism: My 40-Item All-Season Wardrobe


Well here we are again for another installment of what I’m now going to call Minimalist Mondays, where I talk about and strive towards the simplest possible things.

This week I’m talking about  my wardrobe in its entirety and how over the past few weeks I’ve This is a work in progress and there’s definitely some things I’ll be swapping out in the near future. Literally right now I can’t walk past my wardrobe without having a peek inside in case there’s something I can get rid of. It’s kinda brutal, but I’m pretty much at a place where I’m happy & finding it freeing not to have too much stuff to filter through.

My main aim when I decided to start decluttering was to achieve a more cohesive collection of things I can just throw together with less thought & effort, but still look composed. Prior to creating this capsule wardrobe I was hoarding pretty things I’d bought that didn’t suit me, things that were shabby but I was emotionally attached to and things that no longer fit properly. In short, it was a rainbow of rags that took me 20+ minutes each day to decide from, and it didn’t make me happy. It just made for stressful mornings and wasted time.Colour-Palette

The first thing I did was to decide on a colour scheme – what shades do I most often reach for, do they suit me & can they work as part of a palette? I came up with the colours above that I seem to choose by default when it comes to shopping or dressing each day. Then I cleared out any items that weren’t part of that colour scheme (which actually wasn’t that much). Luckily for me, the colours I’m into right now are also colours that are pretty on-trend, so any things I felt were “missing” will be easy to pick up if I choose to.

My target was to get down to 40 items, not including workout gear, PJs, seasonal stuff like a scarf or sunglasses, or underwear, and I actually found this quite abundant.

Here’s what I ended up with (count ’em! There’s 40!)

2x pairs jeans (1 black, 1 blue)
1x pair trousers (black)
1x pair leggings
3x basic tshirts
3x basic long sleeve tshirts/fine knit sweaters
3x dresses/jumpsuits
1x biker jacket
1x winter coat
1x light jacket
3x jumpers
1x beach kimono
3x pairs shorts
3x camisoles (for layering)
1x swimsuit
2x “fancier” blouses
1x chelsea boots
1x ankle boots
1x trainers
2x ballet flats
1x gladiator sandals
1x flip-flops
2x heels
1x large handbag
1x medium bag

The mountains of things I have gotten rid of seem so trivial now as I haven’t missed any of the items I’ve parted with. Having this target made me consider items in my wardrobe that I really liked having, but that weren’t getting enough wear, and that helped me get rid of them instead of keeping them “just in case”.

I did have a few jittery mornings at first worrying I wouldn’t have “enough stuff” however after the first few days it became so much easier! Plus shopping is much simpler now too – I just don’t go unless I’m planning on replacing a specific item (enter my “one-in-one-out” policy), and when I do go, I can go directly to items within my colour scheme!





3 thoughts on “Minimalism: My 40-Item All-Season Wardrobe

    1. If I had a wardrobe like yours, I’d struggle so hard to get rid of everything as it all so unique & pretty (its easier when everything’s replaceable with something similar) – plus don’t you make a lot of your own stuff too? I’d find it so hard to get rid of things I’d made myself!

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