What I’m Growing : Spring 2018


There’s something lovely about Spring that makes me feel enthused and excited about being outside, planting things, enjoying foods from the garden and so on. What about you?

My name is still on the allotment waiting list, so for now I’m making do with planting sweet smelling herbs and flowers, and a few easy container vegetables in my tiny patio garden, and a few bits on windowsills.

First of all lets talk edibles – you know I’m always hungry! Last years Strawberry plant has somehow doubled in size over the winter despite very little attention from me, and it seems to have sprouted a few siblings as well – it’s coming on nicely already, so I’m expecting a pretty good yield of strawberries in a few months. If the birds don’t get to them first.

I’m bringing back the favourite tumbling toms in a couple of hanging baskets – these were delicious last year, and despite me not knowing about them preferring shade, I did well to have a constant yield right the way through from April to October. Fingers cross for the same this year!

In my herb “garden” (read: 2 massive pots) I’ve managed to sustain basic, corriander, parsley, dill, chives and lemon balm all year, plus a sage bush and a diddy bay tree thrive on the path too – so I’m all set for English garden spices. If only I could grow Cinnamon!

Finally, the last edible I’m feeling brave enough to grow from seed is a batch of chilli – hanabero and birds eye. As a novice last year I got them up to a decent size then popped them outside without protection. They were (obviously) dead within a week. Lesson learned, and this year they have lots of lovely windowsil space!

Now, on to scented florals and colourful shrubs – I want out patio to look & smell like something out of a wonderland come July!

love  having lavender and rosemary shrubs in the back yard, and will usually line the patio with them (doesn’t take much) alternating them so wherever you turn, you get a sweet smell – and when the lavender starts to sprout, it’s like a little purple paradise! So, with that in mind, I’ve uncovered the bushes this weekend to see what has survived, and have a few replacements to pick up.

This will mark the first year I’m attempting tulips and peonies. I know it’s a bit early for peonies, but I got a bunch of them as a gift a few months ago and they were just so lovely that I have to have a whirl! The tulips are in, and I’m basically inspecting them every 30 minutes to see if there’s any progress. What’s that about a watched pot?

Finally, I was gifted some wildflower mix from Burts Bees at an event lately, so I’ve sewn a whole bunch of them into a few baskets, and a few pots. Hopefully they’ll produce some lovely bee-friendly spreads for summertime and keep my buzzy wee friends happy.

Are you planting anything lovely this year? Tell me all about it!



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