Idiot Proof Cauliflower Cheese Soup Recipe (With Vegan Option)


Do you have a recipe up your sleeve that you can knock out in no time at all, and smile smugly as your friends and family devour it in satisfied silence? If not, then behold, this is that recipe!

I basically hate cauliflower, I think it’s the dullest of the ground vegetables, and that it always tastes vaguely like feet. Yum. Anyway, in this spicy cauliflower cheese soup recipe, all you get is warming chilli and smoky garlic – no feet taste at all. The base recipe is vegan, but I throw a bunch of cheese in sometimes too, which makes it extra yum (I’m sure vegan melty cheese would work just as well too).

You might ask why I elected to make a cauliflower soup at all, or why I bought cauliflower, if I don’t like it. The answer is simple – I thought Brian might enjoy cauliflower, and he didn’t, so I found myself with a surplus of the stuff.

Shall we just get cracking?


1 head of cauliflower

½ large white onion

2 cloves garlic

1 carrot

1 stalk celery

1 pint veg stock

1 tsp liquid smoke

1 tsp chilli flakes

Oil (I use rapeseed)

(Optional) tablespoon garlic cheese roule or boursin

  1. Dice the onion, garlic, celery and carrot super small. Fry off in the oil for, like, 5 minutes. Or until you’re certain you’ve almost burnt the garlic and you can’t hold off any longer.
  2.  Chop the cauliflower into little flourets (the smaller you cut it, the quicker it’ll cook). Chuck it in the pan. Don’t bother with the stalk. Or do bother. Whatever.
  3. Pour over the stock and simmer until the cauliflower is super soft (like, you can crush it to smithereens with the gentlest press from the back of a spoon)
  4. Whiz in the liquid smoke and chilli flakes
  5. If you have a hand blender, now’s a great time to pulp that badboy up. Personally I blend everything in a nutri-bullet because I don’t have the time for buying extra gadgets, so I let the soup cool a while before blending it. Or pour a bit of cold water in if I’m rushing.
  6. When it’s all smooth and lovely, whack it back on the heat and add in extra water if necessary, until you’ve got it at the desired thickness.
  7. If you’re opting for added cheese, stir in a healthy scoop of Boursin/Cream cheese/Garlic roule and stir until it’s all mixed in. Yum.

This is literally one of the most satisfying things to scoff on a chilly afternoon, and it takes hardly any time at all to make. Without the cheese it’s also really healthy. If you need to add a bit of stodge, enjoy with a buttery wedge of bread, or throw a few diced potatoes in the pot at the same time as the cauliflower.





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