Bucket List

“Make the most of yourself – for that is all there is of you” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We all have aspirations that seem totally out of reach – but I have never seen any reason why this means they should remain there. I took some time recently to pen my Bucket List, so I hope you will come on this journey with me and check back to see my progess now and then!

*Ones that look like this have been completed – click the title to see the blog post.

1. visit Machu Picchu.
Fly to Lima, get the local transport to Cusco and hike to one of the most impressive archaeological on the planet.
I’m not a hiker, but I’m an admirer.

2. Visit Antarctica. 
Expensive, yes, but can you really put a price on visiting the last true wilderness on Earth?
No. Plus, spending all that money is A-OK with me if it contributes to the awareness and conservation of this incredible  environment. This might be a task best preserved for several years whilst I save up.

3. Write a book. 
I’m about 1/4 of the way there with this. I started to write a kids book when I was 17. My best friend had just had a little boy, and I dreamed that he’d love to read it when I was done, and it would be his favourite book, and it might just be our little secret, since I never imagined it being published. Fast forward 8 years, and I’m in a rut.
I have great characters, but I have no story progression past chapter 5.
I will finish the book, though.

4. Model in a Fashion Show.
This is something I’ve done before, I have to confess, and it helped my confidence in indefinable measures.
However, when I did it, I was among colleagues. They had to be nice.
I want to do it among strangers.

5. Learn a non-European language.
I speak French and Spanish, I can turn my hand to Italian and German with little effort.
I “get” languages.
Save for a short course in Mandarin Chinese at University and a dabble with the Japanese Rosetta Stone I’ve had no practise at non-European languages.
I start Russian classes in January.

6. Walk the Camino de Santiago.
My dad is a huge advocate of pilgrimages, and he has done the Camino de Santiago several times  – always coming back enriched and enthused.
This isn’t something I want to do for religious reasons (although I am Catholic) but more for emotional wellness.
Something about simplifying everything is incredibly appealing in this digital world.

 7. Play travel roulette.
This will take some planning, but one day I’d like to give myself 24hours to book a trip, and see where I end up.

8. Run the Angkor Wat Half Marathon.
Read about it here.  This is actually ticking off 2 bucket list items in one – run a 1/2 marathon and visit Cambodia.

9. Make myself a Dress.
A modest ambition, but I’d like to develop my sewing skills far enough to make a bespoke, perfect-fit frock. I even know what it would look like.

10. Make a meal from only home grown foods. 
I can’t even get a chilli plant to sprout, so this will be very difficult for me.
It might be a simple meal, like a salad.

11. Start a Tradition. 
Wouldn’t it be nice to have something you every year?
Probably a Christmas tradition – they always feel more magical.
How many years do you have to do it before it becomes tradition?

12. Learn to play an instrument.
Alright, I can play piano and guitar a little, but I mean properly. 
If I can’t play a Donovan song, I can’t play it.

13. Jump from a Cliff into the Sea (Coasteering).
Anywhere, really. It’s something I’m both terrified and desperate to do.

14. Ride the Trans-Siberian express. 
I have visions of my journey starting with the overnight train from Warsaw to St Petersburg – then ending up in China.

15. See A Rocket Launch.
I don’t mind if its manned or if its just a supplies launch, but I’d love to see liftoff of some description. It’s a poor substitute for being in a launched rocket, but since I’m 26 and not even almost on the path to Space travel, it’ll have to do.

16. Be a TV or Film extra.
I don’t suppose this is a very difficult one to accomplish if you’re determined, but I’d like to make an appearance on something. I’m not even fussy what.

17. Visit Meteora, Greece.
From photographs I have seen, this naturally breathtaking location deserves much more press. Perhaps I could be the pioneer of taking a culturally rich trip to Meteora.

18. See wild animals in their natural habitats.
I’m talking elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros. Properly wild animals.
I am an animal lover, and I’m all about conservation and preservation.
I’d love to see some of the creatures I care about in their natural homes – whether that be the swamp, the savannah or the rainforest.

19. Ride a hot air balloon. 
Terrifying, but a seductive idea.

20. Sail across the Great Blue Hole of Belize.
Just google it, tell me you wouldn’t be worried about meeting The Kracken.

21. Dive to Christ of the Abyss. 
God is everywhere, I’d like to visit him on the ocean floor.

22. Buy a Home.
Sounds simple, but I’m terrible at saving money, and once you’re in the renters market, you’re kind of trapped.
After next year’s trip, we’ll be working on saving a deposit for our own home!

23. Visit Japan.
I visted China in 2013 and although I always knew I’d love asia, it concreted the belief for me.
I really want to see Japan (regardless of the obscene cost) in the next few years.

24. Build a Treehouse.
I’ll also need a big enough tree, so I guess I’ll have to wait until I complete #22 first.

25. Learn to surf.
I’ve always fancied myself a surfer, but I don’t live anywhere near the coast. My balance is pretty appalling too. Nevertheless I’d like to try it out and see if I’m a secret natural.

26. Visit Dracula’s castles
Vlad the Impaler is fascinating, as Dracula (despite being fictional). I’ve always fancied a jaunt to Transylvania to visit the 3 spookiest castles in Europe!

27. Travel First or Business Class.
I’m not generally one for being posh, snooty or high maintenence but I’d like to sample the fine comforts of travelling first or business class one time. I promise I won’t get horrendously drunk or eat all the filet mignon. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Kitty, you just may have completed number nine. I learned how to make healthy green bean baked fries. You may not have taught me face-to-face but through your blog, I am learning. Does that count? Love this idea by-the-way.


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