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Why NARS’ Statement on Selling in China is Bull****


Recently NARS caused cruelty-free chaos by announcing that, although it still really cares about being cruelty free & ending animal testing, it cares about profits more & has decided to sell in the Chinese market.

For those of you new or alien to the concept of cruelty free products, selling cosmetics & personal care to the Chinese markets means that, under Chinese law, the product must be tested on animals. So even if NARS don’t have animal testing performed on their ingredients or products for the European market, they must have the tests done for the Chinese markets – ergo the brand ceases to be Cruelty Free.

Inevitably when companies make a move like this, Cruelty Free advocates get mad & there’s backlash – kind of like there was on Twitter last week when the news broke.


NARS wasted no time, however, in posting a statement on their instagram claiming that, by making their products available to fans in the Chinese market they’re still being dead keen on protecting the interests of animals in the long run, and that actually they still do loads of good stuff. Good stuff is great, but why are they taking a step backwards?

Their post sounds kind of contradictory – they’re super against it, but only if it doesn’t interrupt financial growth? Hmm.
But here’s one of the worst bits – NARS could have always sold to the Chinese market from outside of China without compromising their Animal Testing policy. Chinese Law does not require companies outside of China to test products on animals if they’re shipping into the country – only if they’re shipping domestically from within China. See more on this here. 

I can’t honestly say I know about the cost/profit implications of selling as imported product vs selling domestically, but it seems to me that, if NARS were still concerned with not testing on animals, but also didn’t want to alienate their Chinese fans, then surely this would be a more ethical option?

Is it likely that their advertising opportunities would be limited/restricted/forbidden when selling from outside of China into China? Can anyone shed any light on why they’ve made this decision?

I have to say I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to wear NARS any longer, but I’m sure I’ll find a kinder alternative. Can anyone recommend one?


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Ethical Sports Fashion | Sundried Activewear

Sundried Activewear 43.jpg

Recently I learned about a sportswear brand that I really wanted to talk about today – Sundried – I haven’t tried their product yet but, on reading about their business ethos and mission statement, I decided it was definitely something I want to share.

Before I get cracking, I want to point out that I haven’t been paid to write this post. I haven’t been sent product, vouchers, money or anything else. I just really like the brand message.

The brand was founded by a guy named Daniel Puddick – a PT, Triathlete and Dad who wanted to create a brand that his kids would be proud to associate with in future. His thoughts were that the next generation would be focused on ethical production and carbon footprint, so set about creating a product that supports both.

Premium ethical activewear was the goal. Encouraging healthy lifestyles, responsibly – that’s the motto.

Sundried product is made in Portugal with European fabrics – and each product comes with a unique code which, when entered on the website, shows you the journey of your garment. It also includes a donation to Water for Kids, and you will be given information on specifically what your donation will achieve. You can read more about Water for Kids here, but rest assured it’s a good thing – they work hard to deliver safe drinking water to communities (mainly in Uganda and Zambia).

The range is limited right now – but new collections are in the pipeline. Happily, the products are pretty safe – simple shapes and shades mean the brand can work for literally anyone. Sure, it’s a little expensive but it is specifically designed to need less garment care, contributing to the eco-friendly factor. Sundried’s range is designed to be washed cool and sun-dried – saving the planet by eliminating hot washes and tumble dryers (plus the garments pay for themselves in what you’ll save on your electricity bills!)

Something I really love  about Sundried’s values is their “EHOH” concept – every hour on the hour – where they suggest doing 5 minutes of exercise every hour, to reduce the negative effects of sitting down for long stretches. Read more about their values here.

Sundried Activewear 20.jpg

Right now their collections are available exclusively at If you’re on the market for some new sportswear, or are interested in investing in ethical fashion choices, you should definitely check them out!


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Gorilla Perfumes Death & Decay | A Review

Death and Decay.jpg

I’ve known Lush dabbled in fragrances for quite a few years, but never before checked out their ranges as, simply put, I am lazy.

However since buying cruelty free I have a new-found appreciation for just how expensive Molton Brown fragrance is and was on the market for a more reasonably priced Cruelty Free fragrance. I decided to give them a go, and added a couple variations to my Christmas List. Yes it’s taken me since Christmas to write this.

The first one I’m going to talk about is my favourite – Death & Decay. Don’t let the name fool you, this fragrance is full but fresh, and although it takes a little getting used to I’ve permanently promoted it to my go-to fragrance.

I suspect the name comes from it’s Lily-heavy notes (Lilies being the traditional funeral flower) which compliment the indole – which I assume represents the decay (indole is found mainly in white flowers, but is also present in … human poo). Read this for more information – it’s not all bad.

I recall my first sniff with humour – I really didn’t like it – it was slightly “weird” smelling and a bit overpowering. However it was a gift from my brother so I persisted, applying it liberally on Christmas day – and by 11am I was hooked.

The scent softens quickly, but also has great staying power, meaning I get sweet pangs of scent throughout the day. Despite the way it sounds, it softens to a very gentle, sweet effect which is a little vanilla-esque, although there is no vanilla listed in the ingredients.

The overall effect is quite calming – it feels sort of exotic but not in the same was as those sickly coconut based perfumes. It’s mysterious, and complex, and not like anything I’ve worn before (sorry I can’t compare it!)

At £30 for 30ml it’s slightly cheaper than Molton Brown but still in the price range of designer fragrance – but without harming any animals!

I would absolutely recommend trying this fragrance out by going into your local Lush store. Try it on and leave it for a couple of hours to settle on your skin before you decide.
If you live more on the edge you can buy online here.

Have you tried Lush fragrance before? Do you have a favourite?
My next Lush review will be Furze.


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