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Home Decor Inspirations | Autumn 2015 Interior Looks I Love

Recently I’ve been directing my winter-generated chirpiness into dreaming up new interior design looks for our home (or future home, I’m not going to spend $$ on someone else’s house). Since I cant put any of my inspiration into practice yet I thought I’d share some interior looks I’m loving right now.
Click the image for the source!

beautiful lounge

Seriously lounge-able lounge. I love the combo of grey with copper and muted tones right now. Usually I go for something a bit bolder, but this is so relaxing. Sort of perfect for laying back reading.

old fireplace

Big old fireplace, you are my weakness.


As if you would ever get out of the bath! The subway tile is lovely, though I’d have spearmint in my own.


Exposed brick + gilded mirror = perfect bedroom!

Ugh I cannot wait to have our own (bought) place so we can start doing crazy stuff like exposing all of the brick.

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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Hillary’s Crafternoon | Ziferblat, Manchester

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

Last Saturday my eyes opened at an ungodly hour out of excitement for a really cool event organised by Joe Bloggs for Hillary’s Blinds – the infamous Crafternoon! It was my first time at one of these events, but having seen the cool stuff other bloggers get up to at them, I was super thrilled to be invited.

The focus was on the launch of Hillary’s new Jewel collection, and was to be held at possibly the coolest place I’ve ever visited in Manchester – Ziferblat. Basically, it’s a space where you pay for the amount of time you spend there, and help yourself to drinks and snacks. Even dogs can visit – perfect.

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

So, I met up with Becky from Blogger and the Geek before, and we arrived just in time to bag prime seats at this nifty little space in the NQ. Our first instruction was my favourite thing ever – “Help yourself to cake!” – so we did.

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

We were then put through our creative paces by Jana from The Craft Hen in task 1 – making a fabric covered jewellery box using cuts from the gorgeous new jewel range from Hillarys. I chose a muted palette for the exterior and adorned it with some monochrome buttons, then inside opted for a more luxurious, deep red cushioning. The process was surprisingly easy (but very fiddly) and we were done within around an hour! I never thought I’d be able to throw together a jewellery box in an hour!

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

Anyway, more cakes and we were on to the next task – which was my favourite – the Suffolk puff! I didn’t even know what this was until Saturday, but since I left the event I’ve made at least 6 more, adorning them with basically everything I can stick down. They’re circles of fabric gathered together round the edge by a slip stich – and it makes a lovely little ruffle that can be used for… anything, really. I’m looking forward to experimenting with them.


Sadly, I had to dart early during the Suffolk Puff stage so I didn’t get to enjoy the last hour of the event – but I had such a fun time! Who knew crafting in a group could be such fun – it’s really inspired me to be a little more creative.
I will say, though, that hot glue guns are seriously hot. Like, the clue’s in the name, but I don’t have fingerprints any more.
Because I burned them off with glue. Just saying. Tea & parkin helped, though.

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

Thanks so much Hillarys and Joe Bloggs for making the event happen, and Jana from The Crafty Hen for being such a funny, encouraging instructor!
While you’re at it, read the Hillarys post about this event right here.

Do you have a favourite simple craft to work on? Share it with me!


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3 Tips for Taking Better Photos

Tips for taking better photos

Whether you take photos for your business, to record happy memories or for your blog, most of us want them to be visually pleasing. I recently took an intensive photography course and thought it’d be fun to share a few quick fix tips for taking better photographs and getting out of the “Auto” mode. If you’ve ever looked at a digital camera and been totally baffled then keep reading, because these 3 tips should help!

1. Read your Handbook

I know it’s completely unheard of to actually read through a handbook, but your camera instructions are full of handy tips about specific shooting modes and functions. They’ll give you an idea of the range your camera has, how to activate special settings and whether there are any handy add-ons you can buy to enhance your work. For SLR cameras you’ll read terms like Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO – these might sound daunting but they can all have a great impact on your photos. I’ll share some tips for using those functions next time!

Play with Focus

Focus and depth of field can really make an impact on how a photo looks. If you’ve read your handbook ,you’ll know how to adjust focus! If not, most cameras will auto-focus. To refocus on a different point, usually you can half-press the shoot button and the lens will readjust to pick another subject. Play around with this function until you get the effect you want – whether that be deep focus or some blurs. This is obviously difficult with moving subjects, but for stills it’s really useful.

Think about Colour

The eye is naturally drawn to areas with high contrast of light and dark. Think about this when you’re snapping. More visually pleasing images have at least a point of high contrast which draws the eye. Similarly, colour saturation is really important – rich, bold colours are more pleasing than faded or darkened shades. This obviously makes taking photos in darker lighting situations quite difficult, but ISO adjustments can help with that (come back next time to find out how). In darker situations select specific shooting modes like nighttime or indoors modes to help your camera compensate for the type of light.

I’ll share another tutorial next week which will delve into the basics of aperture, shutter speed and ISO priorities, so stay tuned if you want to get a little more technical and move out of “auto” mode.

Do you have any great tips for photo improvement? Are there any aspects you struggle with?


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