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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi again.
    I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the future as I’ve developed a problem with the forefinger on my left hand (the fretboard one) which has been diagnosed as osteoarthritis.
    I think this has been caused by a mixture of my age and ‘high mileage’, wearing my fingers out! I play a lot.
    I’ve only played on the street twice since the end of July and I’m just coming to the end of a three week stint of not touching my guitars at all to allow my finger to improve. I’ll start playing again this Thursday and will be at a jam session to do a few tunes, hosted by The Backwater Blues Band at The Bakers Vaults near the market centre next Sunday 8th Oct. It’s a great pub venue. I’ll try to talk Clive into coming in for a play.
    Colin of ‘The Backwaters’ ( a great guitarist with an ACE voice) tells me it starts at 7.30.
    Regarding playing on the street, I’ve a bad feeling that my days of doing two and a half hour stints are over. I’ll try it ,weather permitting, on Sat 13th Oct and see how it goes.
    Cheers, Noel.


    1. Hi Noel,

      Just wanted to say I happened to pass by M&S yesterday on my way through the city & was really pleased to see you back under your brolly!
      I was in a rush, so only had time to catch Sultans of Swing, but its good to know the Hoochie Coochie Mancunian is still among us!



      1. Hiya.
        Nice to hear from you. Yes, I’m still around and playing. The arthritis doesn’t seem to have got any worse but it’s not much better either.
        Thanks for the complements.
        Say hello next time you see me down town.


  2. Hiya Suggestivedigestive.
    Noel Ward AKA HOOCHIE COOCHIE MANcunian here.
    Thanks for the complements, I’m flattered to bits!
    Just to say that the reason that I didn’t play at Spinfest was because I was approached by somebody over the phone to do a spot but was offered far less than I would have made by playing on the street on the same day.
    As it was based in my home town, Manchester, I offered to do it dead cheap (and thereby subsidise it bigtime) but the person who phoned me didn’t think my offer cheap enough.
    It was a shame because I generally do gigs with the best harmonica player in Britain as a duo. He’s called Clive Mellor.
    Your criticism of what they did pay for says everything which needs to be said.
    In the event I didn’t play on the street anyway.
    Was the weather forecast bad? Can’t remember.
    Thanks again.


    1. Hi Noel,

      Thanks for the comment, lovely to hear from you. It’s such a shame the blues festival organisers don’t appreciate the value of a real blues musician, which I must say is apparent when listening to you for even 10 seconds. I almost always end up spending an hour or two watching when I pass by in town, so was really excited to see you there!

      Is there any way of the public finding out where to see your upcoming performances – either just yourself, or you and CLive? It’s about the best blues fix available in the UK!


  3. Just read your blog re Glossybox. I recently learned of the company in a magazine and thought, “what a great idea!” I immediately went to the website and tried to sign up. Nothing! Clicking the links to subscribe is like walking in circles! My info wasn’t accepted for a box subscription but I did receive an email stating my newsletter subscription was successful. After numerous tries, I called the company and was on the line almost instantly with a young woman who was very pleasant. I described the problems I was experiencing and she tried (also unsuccessfully) to fix them for me. The best she could do was take my CC# over the phone to start my monthly subscription but now I’m not sure that was a good idea. I now have a subscription but no way to access my account.


    1. Hi Janet,

      Sounds like you’ve actually gotten through to someone helpful who has done something for you – that’s something to celebrate about on it’s own. There are hoardes of people out there who can’t even get through to them!

      That said, I would worry about not being able to access your account. The good thing is, if you’ve subscribed using your Credit Card, you can always do a chargeback if you have any major issues.

      I’d recommend sending them an email explaining that you would like to be able to access your account and perhaps address it to a gent called “Chris” – he’s very helpful and knows his job very well. At the end of the day, you won’t be able to use your GlossyDots or do the surveys if you can’t get into your account, which would mean you’ll miss out on free boxes!

      Don’t give up though, I know they have some shocking feedback, but they also have some fabulous feedback – they aren’t for me, but they might be for you!

      Let me know how you get on – I’ve become quite an accomplished get-things-done-er in terms of Glossybox so I’m sure with a bit of pushing you can get them to make your account accessible 🙂


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