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Minimalist Seasonal Styles | Autumn/Winter 17

September is all kinds of exciting because it’s about the time that layering clothing becomes appropriate again, there’s a whiff of festivities on the horizon but still the possibility of a surprise sunny day PLUS there are plenty of thunderstorms which is a great excuse to get snuggly and watch movies with hot chocolates. Perfecto!

One of the MOST exciting parts about Autumn/Winter is the curating of the AW Wardrobe – something I look forward to from about June (I work in ecommerce, where you’re always at least 1 season ahead of real life).

This year I’m all about getting that perfect set of combinations with just a few pieces – it’s all part of the minimalist journey. 

Here are some of they key pieces that are holding my styles together for the next 6 months:


  1. Coat – River Island | 2. Jumper – F&F | 3. Jeans – Levis Mile High | 4. Check Scarf – Joules | 5. Grey Scarf (similar) – Zara | 6. Boots – Timberland (available in Brown here) | 7.Top – H&M (Similar) | 8. Tote – Radley | 9. Biker Jacket – Warehouse (Similar)

    They might be fairly basic but they’re also really ideal for this time of year as they can be thrown on without much consideration but still look like you’ve put some thought in. They also all layer fairly well, especially the blanket scarves, which double conveniently as an actual blanket. 

    In particular I love the Radley pocket essentials tote bag as it’s the perfect size for travelling, plus it’s wipe-clean and waterproof AND has enough room for an umbrella and spare pair of gloves, which is essential for autumn winter in the UK.


    The biker jacket and camel coat are both old faithfuls from 2 years ago, and the jeans are my buy-every-time failsafe for denim.

    I’m also loving grey-on-grey looks this season and am loving snuggling down in my (surprisingly snuggly  and fluffy) F&F jumper and Zara scarf combo for extra cosyness.

    What I especially like about these few pieces is that they’re all simple enough to work with eachother and any manner of other items. Add a few pieces of nice, simple jewellery and you’re away!
    Plus they’re all “investment” pieces that are good quality for the price (yes, even the tesco jumper!). I’m confident I’ll get at least a winter’s wear out of these items, and several more winters out of the coats and boots.


    What are the autumn/winter staples you’re excited to wear this year?



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Ethical & Fair Trade Fashion | Where to Buy, How to Style*

Nomads Ethical Fashion

For me, buying ethical goods is a high priority.
I want to give my patronage to responsible companies, who had a great message and care about people, animals and the planet – but I know that stereotypically that doesn’t go hand-in-hand with being on trend.

That’s why when Nomads Clothing invited me to review a piece from their current range, I was thrilled.
They put great focus on ethically sourcing their products- and their fair trade policy is open and honest – which I love – but some of their pieces are also really current!

I chose their embroidered boho dress, which is a sort of tunic style with beautiful fluted sleeves and super intricate embroidery – I must admit that it far exceeded my expectations when it arrived. The quality is fantastic, the cotton is really soft and the beading and embroidery is beautifully finished. My only pointer is that the colour is slightly more purple than the picture. Initially I was disappointed by that, but since wearing it, I’m actually glad!

Now… As much as I love the boho look, it isn’t one I wear very often, but with a little playing around I came up with some looks I really enjoy – for example the look shown above is ultra boho, mixed with some suede moccasins from Minnetonka and this tied knot belt.
It’s so cosy for a lounge-around Sunday afternoon, and that’s just what I wore for a little autumn walk followed by a TV day with Mr K last weekend!

I must admit I had never shopped with Nomads before, but this piece has really lit a fire in me, and I’ve got my eye on a few styles from their current collection – I can’t wait to try out their skinny jeans!

Do you prioritise buying ethically?  Do you have any favourite places to pick up cute, fair trade pieces?


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On Taking Risks | The £13 eBay Biker Boots

Dark Brown Biker Boots eBay

I’m the kind of person who browses eBay constantly. My watch list often reaches triple figures and I’m a self confessed last-second auction stealer (sorry, not sorry)

I am, however, quite a discerning eBay shopper. I agonise over listings – checking every photograph in fine detail, reading item specifics, looking for blemishes, reading feedback and price comparing. When buying new things, I’m often dubious about buying fakes – a long-ago purchase of a knockoff handbag left a sour taste in my mouth.

Recently, though, I took a risk on a pair of biker boots and I’m so glad I did that I actually want to dedicate a whole post to them. See, I’ve been in the market for some biker boots for a long time – with a very specific vision of what I wanted.
Think Spinelli from Recess, but shorter, and very dark brown or charcoal.
Dark Brown Biker Boots eBayA few months after beginning my search (and just after missing a win on some Ash boots) I saw a seller listing some Ravel biker boots for just £12.99. Of course, I was interested but a little suspicious – Ravel boots usually retail at more like £80 – and these were listed brand new.

I sent the seller a message asking about the price and they explained it was last season stock bought at a high discount as a wholesaler. My line of work means I appreciate this is entirely possible, so I was pretty satisfied, but still unsure.

In the end I took a punt, figuring I’d have spent £13 on some temporary biker boots in Primark if autumn had caught me short anyway, so having £13 ones from eBay is really no different.

Dark Brown Biker Boots eBay

When they arrived I was astounded with the quality – I’ve never bought Ravel before but the leather has softened nicely, giving them a rough, slouchy look without being scruffy. They’re a beautiful aged mahogany shade and they fit like a dream (I did size up as recommended by basically everyone who has ever bought Ravel).

So, I guess I just wanted to say that, sometimes, it’s worth taking a gamble on something when shopping online. I’m usually very cautious of fakes, but this has inspired me to be a little more adventurous when shopping online!

Have you had any great eBay buys?


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