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What We Learned after 1 Year of Rabbit Parenting


We’re dog people, through and through. I grew up around dogs, and so did Mr K – we get dogs. We love dogs – and we’d always planned to have a dog in our lives when we’d settled in our own home.

Then Brian moved in – a lop-eared buck who’d been living a difficult life and needed a second chance. It took about 30 seconds for us to fall in love with his mischievous face and fluffy bunny butt.

Let me tell you, having a rabbit is nothing like having a dog – and our first 12 months have been a hilarious challenge, a huge learning curve and a heartwarming experience.

Here is what we learned…

Bunnies are very moody creatures
Brian can tantrum for a whole day if we cook something that he doesn’t like the smell of. Or if we don’t open a door he wants opening. Or if his food is 1mm to the left of where it should be. Or if you groom him too much, too little, or at the wrong time, or with the wrong hand. He’s a diva.


You have to work hard to earn their trust.
Rabbits are prey animals, and so their natural instinct is to always assume they’re about to become lunch. It took a long time for Brian to feel comfortable to be in a room with us, and a lot longer before he’d turn his back on us, and longer still until he fell asleep in front of us. Now it’s not uncommon to see him belly up, snoring on his mat in plain view.

Bunnies really do eat everything. Unless you entertain them.
Obviously we should have known he’d chew stuff- commonly people expect wires to be chewed – but wallpaper, books, clothes, furniture, shoes, doors. You name it, he chewed it, until we left him with a (huge) variety of toys to keep him busy.


You can’t just feed them carrots nonstop. Or Lettuce.
They will literally die, but die happy as they love carrots. And Banana. They need a varied mix of veg (not too many carrots – too much sugar) pellets (NOT Museli) and lots of hay. Iceberg lettuce is a NO for rabbits – they should have romaine instead.

You need to be a poo detective
Gillian McKeith back off – ain’t nobody can analyse a poo like I can now I’m a bunny mum. Serious time is put into deciding whether the daily poos are plentiful enough, and the right consistency – as this is often the only sign you’ll get if there’s something wrong with your bun.

They Think They’re In Charge
A dog is happy to accept you as pack leader – but a Bunny will not. Brian is stubborn, he won’t come to you when called, he won’t lower himself to grooming you. He’s the boss, (he thinks) – so you have to come up with clever ways to be the boss without him noticing.

They are actually kinda similar to dogs
Brian has his own hilarious, sweet, stubborn, mischievous, inquisitive personality – just like all the dogs I’ve ever known. He’s the nosiest critter ever, and cannot resist checking the contents of bags, or peering around open doors. He’s clever – he knows where to lay to bask in sunshine, or where to hide to avoid having his nails clipped. He’s also dumb – and regularly gets his big bunny bum stuck under the sofa.

They’re Super Clean
Brian spends like 12 hours a day grooming himself – he’s totally odorless, and spotlessly clean. He takes hygiene extremely seriously, which kind of makes him easier to deal with than a dog. No soggy bathtimes! Plus his poops don’t stink.

They do have personalities!
So many people said to me “But they’re so boring” when we got a rabbit. Guess what? Not boring! He’s got a very distinctive personality, and he’s also hilarious. You’ll love him.



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Meet Brian the Rescue Bunny


I will literally travel any distance to make acquaintance with an animal, and am definitely the sort of person who cannot handle the thought of a critter having a substandard quality of life. To cut a long story short, we heard Brian the Bunny was in a predicament lately, and made no hesitations in welcoming him to our home. He moved in this Saturday and we’ve been spending a few days getting to know him.

We don’t know much about his origins except that he’s (probably) a mini-lop house bunny who is about a year old. He’s super confident and inquisitive and extra boingy, so we know he has been treated fairly well in his previous home, but he wasn’t really given the space or attention he deserves & craves. “Rescue” is perhaps a dramatic term in his case, “Rehomed” is probably more apt.
We brought him home and gave him free roam of our lounge-dining room so he could get to know us and have some space to himself. Pleasantly, we discovered he’s completely litter trained (well done, Bri!)

It also turns out he’s really big on having company, as he doesn’t spend much time in his hidey-holes, although we have made sure he has plenty of space to “get away from it all” if he wants to. He especially like snuggling up with your feet (he prefers when you wear socks) and isn’t averse to sitting by you on the sofa watching TV. He also has the sweetest little grunt.

So, welcome Brian! In time I’ll probably share some content about learning to live with a Bunny – but if you’re already a Bun Mum and have some great tips or advice then please share it!


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Hillary’s Crafternoon | Ziferblat, Manchester

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

Last Saturday my eyes opened at an ungodly hour out of excitement for a really cool event organised by Joe Bloggs for Hillary’s Blinds – the infamous Crafternoon! It was my first time at one of these events, but having seen the cool stuff other bloggers get up to at them, I was super thrilled to be invited.

The focus was on the launch of Hillary’s new Jewel collection, and was to be held at possibly the coolest place I’ve ever visited in Manchester – Ziferblat. Basically, it’s a space where you pay for the amount of time you spend there, and help yourself to drinks and snacks. Even dogs can visit – perfect.

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

So, I met up with Becky from Blogger and the Geek before, and we arrived just in time to bag prime seats at this nifty little space in the NQ. Our first instruction was my favourite thing ever – “Help yourself to cake!” – so we did.

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

We were then put through our creative paces by Jana from The Craft Hen in task 1 – making a fabric covered jewellery box using cuts from the gorgeous new jewel range from Hillarys. I chose a muted palette for the exterior and adorned it with some monochrome buttons, then inside opted for a more luxurious, deep red cushioning. The process was surprisingly easy (but very fiddly) and we were done within around an hour! I never thought I’d be able to throw together a jewellery box in an hour!

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

Anyway, more cakes and we were on to the next task – which was my favourite – the Suffolk puff! I didn’t even know what this was until Saturday, but since I left the event I’ve made at least 6 more, adorning them with basically everything I can stick down. They’re circles of fabric gathered together round the edge by a slip stich – and it makes a lovely little ruffle that can be used for… anything, really. I’m looking forward to experimenting with them.


Sadly, I had to dart early during the Suffolk Puff stage so I didn’t get to enjoy the last hour of the event – but I had such a fun time! Who knew crafting in a group could be such fun – it’s really inspired me to be a little more creative.
I will say, though, that hot glue guns are seriously hot. Like, the clue’s in the name, but I don’t have fingerprints any more.
Because I burned them off with glue. Just saying. Tea & parkin helped, though.

Ziferblat Crafternoon Manchester

Thanks so much Hillarys and Joe Bloggs for making the event happen, and Jana from The Crafty Hen for being such a funny, encouraging instructor!
While you’re at it, read the Hillarys post about this event right here.

Do you have a favourite simple craft to work on? Share it with me!


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