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Dog Christmas| Buying for your 4-Legged Friend*


If you’re a pet person you’ll know there are 2 camps – those who buy their pets Christmas gifts, and those who don’t.

I think you will all have guessed that I’m in the first camp, so when Freedem Pet Superstore asked me if Bobbie might like to try out a few products from their extensive range and write about it, we decided that yes, that’d be an awesome idea.
Freedem is the UK’s leading online pet store – and they specialise in all things pet – from food to accessories to novelty jumpers. I’ve also found that their prices are really competitive compared to companies like Pets at Home.

He was kindly sent the Danish Bobble Quilted Mattress (£16.99) and some IncrediBubbles (£2.60)  to share with his brother Charlie, who is camera shy and didn’t want to appear in this post.


First of all, I’ll start by saying that usually Bobbie does not like having something specifically ‘dog’ to lay on – he much prefers the sofa, bed or even your knee. We’ve tried him several times on baskets and he lasts a couple of minutes before sloping off to lay on the cool floor.
The quilted mattress he was sent, however, seemed to impress him greatly. Its made from a sort of polyester which means its cool on his belly, and he’s fully adopted it as his go-to lounger. There have even been a few showdowns – Charlie also wants it.
As you can see, though, Bobbie is thoroughly enjoying having a new place to lounge. Plus the Nordic type knit print looks great beside the recently assembled Christmas tree. Bonus.

He sometimes just lays there, belly up, gazing at the tree. What a heartbreaker.

Anyway, when I decided to introduce him to the bubbles last week, he thought all his birthdays had come at once!
He’s a really attentive kind of dog, he likes to chase flies and stuff, so chasing bubbles is like a dream come true for him.
The beauty of the IncrediBubbles is twofold – firstly they are flavoured, and not made of soap – so its super safe for your dog to eat them.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly for Bobbie (who doesn’t mind the odd mouthful of bubbles) is that they don’t burst on impact.
They stick to whatever they land on until you (or your dog) pop them.
Let me warn you, it says on the package these are Peach flavoured, but I tasted them and they totally weren’t, but thats OK because they were for my dog and he liked them.
You can see how much he liked them on this YouTube video – where you can also see how we made a mess of Mum’s kitchen.

Here he is mid-dive after a fresh stream of bubbles.

I was impressed with how long they’re lasting – we blew and chased them for about 20 minutes and barely used 1/4 of the test-tube sized pot.
We’ve had to hide them now, because every time he sees the tube he goes nuts.

So, how would I rate Freedem? Well, since I tried out the products I placed an order for a few other things from other departments and the delivery was great (really fast), the communication of shipping etc wasn’t shabby either – and since the pricing is much better than other places for the same products I think I’d be more inclined to go back here than buy pet accessories on the high street.

Bobbie kind of agrees, he had a total blast playing with the bubbles!

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Mr Nutcase Personalised iPhone Case | Review

For those of you who don’t know, I’m very clumsy.
I drop pretty much everything I pick up. Seriously.

So, you can imagine how much panic was mixed in with joy when I bought my iPhone 5s earlier this year – how was I going to make sure this precious item remained immune to my dropping habits?

 Well, for a while I just wore it around my neck in a yellow purse, which made me look like a massive Norman, and kept swinging around like a sick pendulum whenever I did anything fun.
It was also a massive invitation to muggers (probably).
No, thanks. Not sustainable.

Then the lovely ladies & gents at Mr Nutcase came to my rescue, and asked me to create a personalised case from their website!
“and heav’n and angels sing”

 Mr Nutcase specialises in producing fast, fun personalised phone cases – for most makes/models on the market. In fact, if they don’t list your model, you can even contact them to ask if they could supply it anyway.

 After a few hours of browsing through my photos I made a selection for my case. I went for the “Executive Flip Leather Style”  in white, as you can see, with several pictures on. This retails at £19.95 normally, with free P&P.

If you’re low on inspiration, you can even select from their gallery of previously designed cases (including some pretty funky patterns which did tempt me).

As I’m a crazy dog lady, I picked photographs of the boys, placed my order and sat back to wait.

photoAren’t they handsome??

To my surprise, the case arrived the next day!

 Not only was I stunned with the speed of delivery, I was also really happy with the quality. The case is sturdy and well made, plus the images are great quality. The flip case fastens with magnetic pop studs (I prefer this to velcro) and is a really snug, secure fit for my iPhone.

I often complain about phone cases interfering with ability to film/take photos but somehow I have found this to be different with this case. I’m not sure if its because its white, or if its because of the design, but it hasn’t really affected photo quality at all.

In fact the only thing that I’m not keen on is that the flip is vertical – so when I’m on the phone the bottom flap keeps bouncing up and hitting my chin, which is actually more funny than annoying.
It’s also not possible to charge your phone on a docking station, or use your in-car AUX cable whilst the case is on, but that’s a small price to pay for keeping your “nut” safe and sound – especially when you’re as clumsy as I am!

I must admit that since getting the case I have spilled a coffee all over my phone and dropped it both down the stairs and out of my car door.
Thats all in 2 weeks.
The coffee didn’t go near the actual phone, and wiped off the case instantly.
The two times I dropped it, the phone wasn’t even slightly disturbed, and inside its shell its snug and pristine!

It’d be nice if they offered a book-style flip case, but I love my Mr Nutcase cover!

Their service is also second to non – I did make a silly mistake with my case, which they contacted be about as I hadn’t actually realised. They resolved it super quick, and my case still arrived the next day!
Their Customer Service in that respect is wonderful!

You can get yours here:
Pimp My Case

PLUS use my exclusive discount code to get 10% off your order 😉

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Weekend Roundup | Dog.

This weekend I did hardly anything exciting.
Oh, except for going on patrol with the GM Police, baby! 

Since I’ll be dedicating a whole blog post to that experience, I won’t divulge further right now.

Besides that, I worked on Sunday, and I was so tired on Saturday from patrolling all night that I just watched the Football all day.

Friday afternoon, however, was lovely and warm, so Piglet and I sat in the back yard and played with a water gun.

This weekend roundup is dedicated to my little prince, and all of his funny poses.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Isn’t he a babe?

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