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Dog Christmas| Buying for your 4-Legged Friend*


If you’re a pet person you’ll know there are 2 camps – those who buy their pets Christmas gifts, and those who don’t.

I think you will all have guessed that I’m in the first camp, so when Freedem Pet Superstore asked me if Bobbie might like to try out a few products from their extensive range and write about it, we decided that yes, that’d be an awesome idea.
Freedem is the UK’s leading online pet store – and they specialise in all things pet – from food to accessories to novelty jumpers. I’ve also found that their prices are really competitive compared to companies like Pets at Home.

He was kindly sent the Danish Bobble Quilted Mattress (£16.99) and some IncrediBubbles (£2.60)  to share with his brother Charlie, who is camera shy and didn’t want to appear in this post.


First of all, I’ll start by saying that usually Bobbie does not like having something specifically ‘dog’ to lay on – he much prefers the sofa, bed or even your knee. We’ve tried him several times on baskets and he lasts a couple of minutes before sloping off to lay on the cool floor.
The quilted mattress he was sent, however, seemed to impress him greatly. Its made from a sort of polyester which means its cool on his belly, and he’s fully adopted it as his go-to lounger. There have even been a few showdowns – Charlie also wants it.
As you can see, though, Bobbie is thoroughly enjoying having a new place to lounge. Plus the Nordic type knit print looks great beside the recently assembled Christmas tree. Bonus.

He sometimes just lays there, belly up, gazing at the tree. What a heartbreaker.

Anyway, when I decided to introduce him to the bubbles last week, he thought all his birthdays had come at once!
He’s a really attentive kind of dog, he likes to chase flies and stuff, so chasing bubbles is like a dream come true for him.
The beauty of the IncrediBubbles is twofold – firstly they are flavoured, and not made of soap – so its super safe for your dog to eat them.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly for Bobbie (who doesn’t mind the odd mouthful of bubbles) is that they don’t burst on impact.
They stick to whatever they land on until you (or your dog) pop them.
Let me warn you, it says on the package these are Peach flavoured, but I tasted them and they totally weren’t, but thats OK because they were for my dog and he liked them.
You can see how much he liked them on this YouTube video – where you can also see how we made a mess of Mum’s kitchen.

Here he is mid-dive after a fresh stream of bubbles.

I was impressed with how long they’re lasting – we blew and chased them for about 20 minutes and barely used 1/4 of the test-tube sized pot.
We’ve had to hide them now, because every time he sees the tube he goes nuts.

So, how would I rate Freedem? Well, since I tried out the products I placed an order for a few other things from other departments and the delivery was great (really fast), the communication of shipping etc wasn’t shabby either – and since the pricing is much better than other places for the same products I think I’d be more inclined to go back here than buy pet accessories on the high street.

Bobbie kind of agrees, he had a total blast playing with the bubbles!

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Dogproofing Part 1 | Grooming.


At the end of the month, my beloved family dog Bobbie will be coming to live with us, and as a result, we’re stocking up on dog-friendly products and generally dog-proofing our lives.

As its a pretty big task, I’ll be doing this in sections.
Over the coming weeks you can expect to see:
-Food & Feeding
-Toys & Entertainment
-Sleeping & Comfort

Bobbie is a 6 year old apricot cocker spaniel (which is considered to be a “medium” dog – although he is very small) who is in pretty good health but has a pretty severe attachment complex.

I’m starting with Grooming because, in a rented accommodation especially, one of the biggest decisions surrounding getting a dog is how well you can cope with the smell, hair and potential damage.

 Gross as it may be, he is going to roll in fox droppings, and throw himself into just about any stinky swamp he can get his paws on – because that’s the nature of a cocker spaniel.
As such, stench control is at the forefront of our preparations.
Cocker Spaniels are also prone to skin irritations, so sensitive products are a must.

Some of the products we’ve invested in to combat stink, shredding and scratching include:

,ucky pupMucky Pup Pet Shampoo
This is a cruelty free shampoo bar with coffee beans (to minimise fox poo odors) and bergamot oil, which can act as an antiseptic, which will be great for soothing sensitive skin. Its also vegan, but I don’t think Bobbie will care much about that.

There are several brands of “pet perfume” to eliminate outdoorsy smells, too , but Bobbie absolutely hates them, so we’ll be staying clear of those.

Dog’sTrust soothing pet shampoo with Aloe extracts, Zinc PCA and Colloidal Oatmeal is designed to soothe itching, and is also something we’ll be ordering.

There is also the actual grooming which is a concern.

As a long haired dog, Bobbie needs quite a bit of grooming to avoid becoming matted, particularly around his ears.
As his ears are sensitive, I use a slicker brush. I also use it on his tail, belly and legs.
Its great for getting out the tangles, especially in winter when his fur gets grown out.
They’re pretty inexpensive, and ours is from Wigan Market, so I can’t figure out the brand.

In summer, however, we shave him pretty much bald, just leaving a coif on his head.
Summer itself poses another problem for pooches with sensitive skin – and that is sunburn.
Bobbie is a real sun seeker, and so he needs a bit of protection on his snout and his parting.

snout balmEnter Dog’s Trust snout balm – which is multi-purpose and great for use on chapped snouts, extreme weather, crusty nose and even for sun protection.

 This product sells out so quickly that its actually a good idea to order a couple pots when they have it in stock. For local trips, this product is a godsend, as it can actually double as a lip balm for humans. I’ve never used it on myself, but its good to know.

So, for now, thats pretty much it for Grooming. Over the next few days we’ll be getting food & toys for him, so then I’ll be sharing some more dogproofing tips!

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K9 Swim Dog Pool | A Quick Dip

I lied, there are no other stories. What could top the story of taking your dog to the swimming pool?

As sad as it sounds, I like to spend quality time with my dogs, they’re good boys, and I was raised in the sort of way where your dog becomes your brother, and he identifies my mum as “Mum” too.
You didn’t come here to judge, remember.

I also love to swim, and so does one of my dogs.
The trouble is that he isn’t allowed to visit the local pool and I’m not keen on the idea of taking a dip in the pus-filled canals he frequents.

Well, imagine my surprise when a colleague sent me the link to the K9 Swim website after mentioning his pooch was attending hydrotherapy sessions there, and that they do fun swims too!
For just £20 you can hire their Hydro pool (the Biggest in the Northwest) for 30 minutes and take your dog for a swim.
You can even get in yourself.

I wasted no time in booking a session for “Me and Bobbie McGee” and we visited last Saturday.
Boy, was it a treat!


First of all, as it was our first session, the lovely staff usually arrange for the Hydrotherapist to be present to help coax your dog into the water.
I was confident that Bobbie would hit the waves like a pro, his papers might as well list his breed as “merdog”, so we booked an early morning session without the Hydrotherapist (Not recommended for first-time visitors!).
Within minutes of arriving we had been shown round and led to the poolside.
I got in and Bobbie waddled down the ramp, his little tail wagging , and took to the water.

We spent just over 30 minutes playing swim-fetch, and our own dog/human version of Marco Polo which consisted of him running round the edge of the pool, barking, and jumping in at random to swim to me.
It was fantastic!
Look at his face when he saw the pool:


The facilities were great too – the pool is about waist height on me, and was much warmer than expected.
The water was lovely and clean, and there was a box of toys beside the pool for pooches to help themselves to.
In addition, K9 swim provide doggy and human showers – shampoo (doggy and human) and hair/fur drying facilities.
The entire pool/shower area is secure, so you can leave your furry friend to roam.

In short, we can’t wait to go back to K9 swim, and a handful of dog lovers at work are planning on booking in the next few weeks.
K9 swim also offers Grooming and, like I mentioned earlier, Hydrotherapy.
You can see a full list of their services here. 

If you’re in the NW of England and have a dog which enjoys swimming, I can assure you this is £20 well spent!

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